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About Coreban SUP Construction

Coreban SUP boards come in three construction types termed: Pure, Core/Pro, and Wood. They also have eight board shapes, many of which are available in two or more of these construction types. All of their boards are top of the line quality, but there are subtle differences. The best way to shop for a Coreban board is to zero in a board size you want first, and then decide which construction type you prefer.

Coreban Core/Pro Series
This standard series features a high-gloss epoxy finish painted board with wood veneer sandwich construction around a 20g EPS foam core. There are two layers of inner epoxy biaxial glassing and two layers of outer epoxy biaxial glassing. This series represents the origins of the Coreban name, and the boards are extremely durable with a beautifully polished finish.

Coreban SUP Core Series

Coreban Wood Series
This classic, throw-back style wood series construction represents the high-end of the Coreban SUP quiver, and they are quite striking. This is an enviable board to own. These boards feature a 0.6mm “full wrap” wood veneer sandwich construction (sandwich entails two layers of inner epoxy biaxial glass and two layers of outer reinforced glass) over 14g EPS foam core, completed by an outer high gloss epoxy clear finish. Additionally noteworthy are the reinforced rails, nose and tails areas and various carbon reinforcements. Compared to the Core/Pro series, choosing wood construction adds about 15-16% to the price tag.

Coreban SUP Wood Series

Coreban Pure Series
The Pure series, while also the most economical choice in the Coreban line-up, is also quite a striking board from a design prospective. The Pure series features a visible wood veneer on the top deck, with high-gloss epoxy painted white finish on the sides and bottom deck. It’s a sandwich construction similar to the Coreban wood series with a 14g EPS foam core, but the board does not feature the expensive full wood wrap. Compared to the Core/Pro series, choosing Coreban’s Pure construction will save you about 7% on the price tag.

Coreban SUP Pure Series