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Coreban Wood Stand Up Paddle Board 10' Icon
Coreban Icon Wood SUP
Coreban Icon Wood SUP

We no longer carry this model. Check out the full SUP line we offer here.

The shape of this stand up paddle board represents is the ultimate in a crossover SUP and the look of the fully wrapped wood veneer looks incredible. Once youve had a little experience on the water, the longer boards will likely just get in your way while surfing. Unless youre a hardcore surfer (or all you do is stand up paddle surf no time for SUP flatwater), the shorter boards might not be ideal. This board fits right in the middle and works great for both.

Included in SUP Package:
comes with a single 8 carbon reinforced wood center fin, four side fins, a black Coreban branded deck pad, and a Coreban board bag. A hand slide carrying handle is built into the board, as are a set of double leash plugs in the tail.

Coreban Series: Full-wrap wood

SUP weight: 30 lbs

SUP Dimensions: 10 x 29.5 x 4.5

SUP Volume: 162 Liters

SUP Fin Configuration: Five fin configuration

Our Price: $1,839.00

Product Code: BD-CB-ICON-WD

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Coreban Wood Stand Up Paddle Board 10' Icon

Coreban Icon 10 Foot SUP

The Coreban 10 Icon classic wood veneer series is part piece of art and equal part hi-performance stand up paddle surfing board. Seriously, its a stunner! I wouldnt be surprised if a couple of these are bought just as artwork to hang on the wall like any other piece of fine art. But dont mistake its beauty as being one-dimensional.

There seems to be a trend towards wood veneered boards in the surf industry, but the typical offering is a wood or bamboo veneered deck and maybe a bottom veneer with standard rails. This trend is partially a style thing, but the wood veneer is also a strength building component. Corebans 10 Wood Icon takes this concept to a full wood veneer wrap masterfully feathered together at the bottom of the rail, then shows this off with a clear epoxy covering which protects and proudly displays the wood grain beauty beneath. This board is a conversation piece. Whether hung prominently within your beachfront home, or being carried under your arm down the beach, youll get plenty of looks with this beauty. Then when you paddle out into the surf, it will become clear that while its a beauty, its not just a novelty. Its as serious of a hi-performance SUP as any out there.

From a shaper design prospective, the Coreban 10 Wood Icon is designed for serious SUP surfing. From the swallowtail popular with the hardcore surfing crowd in the tail, to the many options afforded by the five fin configuration underneath, to seven inches of rocker up front to counter nose diving on the drop-in, this board was made for surfing but also offers enough volume (162 L) to easily support larger riders with a little SUP experience behind them. Unlike smaller surf only SUPs, the Coreban 10 Wood Icon is equally suitable for recreational flat water paddling. Its not going to win any races. Its not a flat water racing board, of course. But it will serve just fine for paddling around for exercise and exploration.

From a construction perspective, here is where the Coreban 10 Wood Icon stands out from the crowd. A full wood veneer wrapped sandwich construction board eliminates the need for a wood stringer, and better yet improves the strength, responsiveness, and durability of surfboards as well as stand up paddle boards in the process. Wood stringers, which have been used throughout the history of surfboard design, are actually a pretty poor design solution. Wood sandwich construction is two layers of epoxy fiberglass layers that sandwich a wood veneer layer. The wood sandwich construction boards, which were developed initially to create a tougher skin around the inner foam core, actually resulted in performance and responsiveness gains as well. The resulting design is more like an exoskeleton stringer which flexes more in unison with the enclosed foam core. See The Board Ladys explanation of this for better insight. Many of the high-end SUP brands use similar construction, but all a little differently. The Coreban method is a sandwich as follows:

  • Inner core A 20 gram (density) EPS foam core many low-end SUPs use 12-14 gram cores, which results in a board that is considerably lower in strength and durability over time.
  • 1st layer The first inner layer of epoxy biaxial fiberglass
  • 2nd layer A second inner layer of epoxy biaxial fiberglass
  • 3rd layer A 0.6mm wood veneer layer
  • 4th layer The first outer layer of reinforced epoxy biaxial fiberglass
  • 5th layer A second outer layer of epoxy biaxial fiberglass
  • Outer shell A high gloss clear epoxy finish

Additionally the rails, nose and tail areas of the board are reinforced thru a proprietary process and all inserts are set into high-density foam blocks (instead of directly into the weaker EPS foam core as in many SUP brands, which creates durability issues long term). The result is one of the most durable and responsive hi-performance stand up paddle surf boards on the market, and also one of the most beautiful!

About Coreban

The Coreban company has been making high-quality, high-performance stand up paddle surfing boards since 2005, longer than most every brand of SUP on the market. Their primary focus is on stand up paddle surfing performance. Their secondary focus is on high-quality, durable boards. Theyre not the cheapest boards on the market. In reality, they may very well be some of the most expensive stand up paddle boards on the market but they make a product that is widely hailed by those who do EPS board repairs as some of the best made boards out there. And when you spend $1000+ on a piece of sports equipment, its not really supposed to be a disposable product. Its a product that you will take to the repair shop if you get a major ding or puncture. Coreban gets this, and they design their boards for long term durability in addition to performance.

To bring this concept of quality and durability home to you, here is a personal experience I had while attending a board retailers seminar at a recent ASR (Action Sports Retailers) tradeshow. During the lunch break I had the fortune of sitting at a lunch table with a couple of well known surf shop owners from Southern California. These are guys that have been in the surf industry for decades and each own several major surf shops. Funny, for as much perceived tension as there is between surfers and stand up paddle surfers, it seems all of the shop owners are huge SUP fanatics. Thats what they do in their off time. I actually learned to SUP from a local San Diego shop owner. Anyways, at lunch they were discussing SUPs and I asked them what they thought of Coreban boards. The consensus was that they were some of the best boards out there. They commented that while many of the high-end board brands are all made in the same factory overseas, the Coreban ones seem to do something differently and the result is a board that can take abuse and show virtually no signs. While almost every other board out there (no matter how big the brand, or how expensive) seems to get the rails dinged up over time, the Corebans just dont. From that conversation, my mind was made up about which high-end board to carry in addition to our own Tower stand up paddle boards. Corebans may not be the best priced board out there, but if youre the type of person who is much more concerned with getting the absolute best there is versus getting the best price, you cant go wrong with a Coreban.

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