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Bonzai Zephyr Carbon/Wood SUP Paddle
Carbon/Wood SUP Paddle - Bonzai Zephyr
Carbon/Wood SUP Paddle Bonzai Zephyr
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This carbon/wood SUP paddle by Sawyer is the one to go with if durability is your primary concern followed closely by having a lightweight stand up paddle.
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Bonzai Zephyr Carbon/Wood SUP Paddle

This is about as bullet proof of a carbon fiber SUP paddle as you can find. When Sawyer, a leading canoe and kayak paddle company for over four decades, first examined the SUP paddle market, this was the first product they introduced. Seeing the longer shaft (and thus greater force that would be applied on the paddle) and the potentially treacherous surf environment, their forty years of experience guided them to naturally make as indestructible of a paddle as they could, while also keeping the weight at a minimum. The Bonzai Zephyr carbon/wood stand up paddle was the result, an ideal marriage of form and function lightweight yet substantially more indestructible than the competition, and also strikingly beautiful.

The strength of this carbon/wood SUP paddle is achieved by leveraging the best inherent qualities of wood and composite paddle construction. The Bonzai Zephyrs shaft features a wood core reinforced with a carbon sleeve. Compare to the majority of carbon fiber paddles that just use a hollow carbon sleeve, or a foam core, the lightweight wood core adds significant strength at very little cost in terms of weight. The blade features laminated wood reinforced with fiberglass, carbon fiber, and a Dynel Tough Edge around the perimeter of the blade for durability.

This is the SUP paddle to go with if durability is your primary concern, and having a lightweight paddle is also a high-priority concern.

About Sawyer Stand Up Paddles

Sawyer has been making performance driven paddles made out of the highest quality materials since 1967. Their philosophy and attention to detail in stand up paddle production is multi-dimensional. Instead of just focusing on a single dimension in SUP paddle construction like weight, which many would argue that too many SUP paddle manufacturers do, they factor in superior looks, feel, and perhaps the most important - toughness. In our opinion, thats really what makes Sawyer paddles the premier stand up paddle on the market an uncompromised balance of toughness and weight, matched with their unique attention to feel and beauty. The pride of craftsmanship shows thru.

In the world of SUP paddles, there are wooden SUP paddle companies a carbon fiber stand up paddle companies. Sawyer being in the paddle production business for over forty years in the United States encapsulates the best of both the wood and carbon fiber companies, and innovatively mixes the two where advantageous. Thus Sawyer SUP paddles have a natural expertise advantage over most all SUP paddle manufacturers.

Stand Up Paddle Toughness

SUP paddles are a lot longer than canoe or kayak paddles. Depending on where you frequently take your stand up paddle board, they also might be spending a considerable amount of time in the waves. Even outside of the SUP surfing zone, the sheer length of an SUP paddle means the amount of force they are subjected to is substantial. Toughness should be a major factor in your decision of which stand up paddle to rely on.

Stand up paddles like Sawyers Bonzai Zephyr, which has a wood core shaft that is reinforced with a braided carbon sleeve take full advantage of the flex, beauty, and strength of wood and purposefully augment this with carbon fiber composite technology. For the SUP paddle blades, they use a construction of laminated wood reinforced with fiberglass, carbon fiber, and a Dynel Tough Edge around the perimeter (which provides built in protection from dings to the blade).

Where many SUP paddle brands just make a paddle with some carbon fiber thrown in it, often times they arent doing this in a purposeful manner. Just because a paddle is labeled carbon fiber does not mean it is using carbon fiber in a logical manner. The result may be a paddle that snaps the second day you use it (which I have personal experience with), or it may be a paddle whose shaft strength or SUP blade strength can be severely compromised the first time you drop or nick the paddle (which happens frequently). There is actually a $25 SUP accessory product called a Paddle Guard that is a kind of rubber edge lining that is designed to fit around the perimeter of a carbon fiber SUP paddle to prevent damage to your paddle blade, and claims to not affect your performance. Ive had SUP shop owners recommend this product to me. The natural question, of course, is, Why not just make paddles that are designed to self-protect? Surprisingly, many SUP paddle companies dont.

With over four decades of experience, Sawyer understands the demands and abuse that paddles can take and what that necessitates when building a carbon fiber stand up paddle, a wooden SUP paddle, or a fiberglass paddleboard paddle that will last. They understand the tradeoffs. It not always the wisest move to make a 16 oz paddle and cut a few corners when you could make a still very lightweight 20 oz paddle (with optimized swing weight, which translates to a lighter feel) that is designed to far outlast the 16 oz paddle.

Go with a Sawyer stand up paddle and you wont be sorry. Thats their business, and thats why we recommend them without hesitation at Tower Paddle Boards.

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