SUP Affiliate Program
By Tower Paddle Boards



*NOTE: The SUP Affiliate Program by Tower Paddle Boards has been discontinued. We have no plans to relaunch it any time soon.



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Well-Positioned Company in a Hot Niche

Stand up paddle boarding is currently the fastest growing water sport in the world. It is a booming industry with accelerating demand. What's more, our company Tower Paddle Boards is uniquely positioned within the industry to support a wealth of affiliates. Approximately 90% of our purchases are made online. Tower is the manufacturer-direct SUP (SUP = "Stand Up Paddleboard") brand. By selling direct-to-market and cutting out retail all-together, we save on internal costs -which translates to about $500 in customer savings when they purchase one of our boards.

• International company, selling to 100+ countries
• 90% of purchases are made online
• Average selling price = $650 (average of ~$50 earned/sale)
• Conversion ratio = .8% (however, we are heavily SEO'd -attracting a number of non-relevant visitors)
• 40,000+ visitors browse our website per month
• Rapidly growing market penetration and brand equity (featured in renown media outlets such as ABC's Shark Tank, Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, Hollywood Reporter, Woot!, and The Price is Right all within the last year)

Program Layout

Affiliates will receive a percentage commission rate for each purchase that is made through their affiliate link. Our affiliate commissions are very competitive and seasoned affiliates can earn significant income through this program.

You will not receive commission on your own purchases. This means, you cannot purchase through your own affiliate link and get credit for the purchase. The affiliate portion is meant for referral purchases only.

You will not receive commission for orders which contain 5 or more boards. These are categorized as B2B orders and are not part of the affiliate portion of the program. Commission is generated for consumer referral purchases only.

Program Restrictions:
The SUP Affiliate Program allows publishers to earn revenue on a cost-per-action basis for delivering qualified conversions (purchases).

  1. Pay Per Click is strictly forbidden. We will not permit utilizing sponsored listings in PPC search engines as part of a promotional strategy.
  2. Advertising Tower Paddle Boards or Tower Paddle Boards’ products alongside coupons, deals, or promotional codes is strictly forbidden. The keywords “Tower Paddle Boards Coupon Code”, for example, is not permissible. We will not permit sites to use “our brand + coupon” type keywords to rank in search engines without offering any real value.
  3. The registration of any domain names containing our trademark (Tower Paddle Boards) is strictly forbidden.
  4. Advertising our products on multiple Craigslist postings is absolutely forbidden. Affiliates must not utilize browser helper objects, toolbars, and pop-ups as part of their promotional strategy.
  5. Displaying advertisements on sites that you do not own or host is strictly forbidden.
  6. Advertising our products on Craigslist is absolutely forbidden.
  7. Your account is subject to removal at any given time for any given reason.

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