10 Water Toys You Need For Your Boat This Summer

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#1 - The Water Blob

Ever wanted to launch your buddy 30' in the air? Who hasn't right? Well now you can with the help of "The Water Blob". It's basically a human-sized version of an air-powered stomp rocket. Just attach this oversized airbag to the side of your boat and hurl yourself off the top deck. As you land, your buddy on the other end gets launched skyward and into the water.

#2 - Skimboard... or is it a WakeBoard

Whatever this is, you need to get one and master this slick transition.

#3 - Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

Most people don't believe an inflatable paddle board would even work. How could you possibly stand on the thing without it sagging? The reality is that these are military grade inflatables, not your backyard pool grade inflatable toys. Insiders know that inflatable paddle boards ("iSUPs") are actually a better option than traditional hard paddle boards for everything outside the surf zone, and especially to keep on your boat!

#4 - 6' Dip Net

Let's face it, the simple toys make the best toys. Essentially all this is is a tight net on a long pole, but if you spend any time in a marina, it's a must have. If you can see a fish or shrimp, you've got a chance to net him.

#5 - Crab Snare

Crabs are delicious... and thankfully they're also pretty stupid. Stupid enough that us humans have found a way to fish for them. A crab snare is a slightly weighted bait box surrounded by a series of loops that tighten with resistance. You tie this contraption to the line of a fishing pole, and voilĂ  - you become a very dangerous man to crabs everywhere. Throw a piece of chicken in the bait box and lower it off the dock or pier and watch crabs wander over to check it out. Just pull it up every 5-10 minutes and try to catch one of them with their pinchers in the wrong place at the wrong time. The snare closes and you pull them to the surface.

#6 - Docktail Bar

Any first mate worth his salt knows you can judge the quality of a boat by the number of pre-installed cup holders it has. If you want to move up to captain status, you need to be well versed in what insiders call "beverage management solutions". One great one that everyone with a rod holder on their boat needs to check out is the Docktail Bar. This piece of pure genius is a dry bar that fits in a fishing pole holder.

#7 - Hoverboard

Part water-powered jetpack, part levitating snowboard. Marty McFly's would definitely own one of these hoverboards.

#8 - High Speed Jet-Propelled Surfboard

Got $20,000 burning a hole in your pocket? Don't we all. Maybe you should drop it on a German-engineered, jet-powered surfboard type thing that can clock over 30 mph.

#9 - Pool Saddle

If you want to be cheap, just wear a traditional life vest like a diaper - upside down with your legs through the arm holes. Or you could buy a formal "pool saddle". Trust me, it's cooler than it sounds. It's basically a high-buoyancy foam pad with two notches on the side for your legs. You straddle the thing and one piece supports your back and the other your front. It's like treading water, without the treading part. Your arms and legs are free to lounge. Perfect for floating with a brewski!

#10 - Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

The Boom Swimmer, humorously named because... well it looks like a tadpole or perhaps a sperm, is a waterproof, shockproof, wireless bluetooth speaker. A unique flexible tail allows you to wrap it around something to position the speaker, or you can just stake it in the sand. Swap out the tail for the suction cup mount and you can stick it to your dash.

So there you have it! Summertime is finally here - and now you have 10 great options to take your boat to the next level.

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