Bike Like a Boss

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Bike Like a Boss

You’re no ordinary biker, and you don’t want to traverse just the same old same old boring bike trails. In fact, now that you think about it, it’s time to expand your horizons. Since your bike practically knows the trails by heart and rides itself, it’s definitely time to rock on to new horizons and check out some new biking trails and territory.

Make Sure You and Your Bike Can Handle the Trails

So, you want to be a biker extraordinaire. Well, obviously, this mission requires a killer bicycle; something that can handle what you’re going to put it through. Before setting out to tackle the trails, get a bike that’s going to go the distance with you. Do a little recon on the proposed route so you know what kind of terrain you’ll be facing and can select your bike accordingly. The bicycle you choose is clutch. Don’t be a cheapo. Dish out the bucks because you’re going to need a bike that doesn’t crap out before you do.

This Is Not Your Parents’ Biking Vacation

If you’re looking for family fun on Sundays, then you’re in the wrong place. This type of biking vacay is going to be different; you’re either going to rule the roads or terrify yourself on the trails. Want to explore the world on a dime, enjoy the scenery, get an insane workout, and do it all while bonding with your bike? Well, I’m about to drop some knowledge on you.

Go for Scenic Bike Trails

Want tantalizing trails that will throw you some unbelievable views? Keep your heart racing with some of this eye candy. According to, you can take a bike tour vacation in some crazy awesome locales. Try taking in some impressive vistas in some of the following spots:

San Juan Islands, Washington State—these islands will offer you variety and progressive levels of difficulty. There’s something for everyone here, with the beginner territory being Lopez Island. Easy and fun, you can knock this one out in a day, easy. But, if you plan on hitting Orcas Island, you better match the required stats of “experienced bikers only” as this trail necessitates mad skills.—this site is sure to have something that will trip your trigger. Combine your love of food, a lover’s getaway, your adrenaline fix or your chill time with any one of these bicycle tours designed to thrill and excite.

Bike Big—with the North American Great Divide Mountain Bike Route. If you can hack it, this biking trail will take you from Alberta, Canada all the way to New Mexico. At 2,734 miles in length, you best have your cardio conditioning in check. Not only is the trail long, but at its highest it boasts heights seven times that of Mount Everest.

Want to Challenge Yourself More with Your Biking?

Is scary more your style? Just being pretty not good enough for you? Is “Danger” your middle name? If so, then how about taking it to the next level with some of these terrifying trails.

Hardest Mountain Biking Trail in the World—Pro Bike Rider, Dan Atherton, takes you on a front row seat tour. And, if you’ve got the backbone for this, don’t forget your Go Pro because you’re going to want to capture yourself dominating these trails.

8 Most Dangerous Mountain Bike Trails in the World Want even more danger? You can put these on your bucket list. Can you handle the jumps and drops of Bootleg Canyon Mountain Bike Trail in Nevada? How would you like to square off with the crazy switchbacks and the insane level of sheer danger/difficulty on your path at Comfortably Numb, Whistler, British Columbia?

So, it’s been established, you’re either really crazy or really cool. Either way, take a peek at some of these outrageous trails and please live to tell about it. You can’t bike like a boss until you’ve conquered what the biking world has tossed your way.

We’d love to hear about your biking adventures—fill us in in the comments below!

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