Social 11’5” Carbon Cross-Link SUP

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Tower Social 11'5" SUP
  • Tower Social 11'5" SUP
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Social 11’5” Carbon Cross-Link SUP

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9 review(s)


A flat water and small surf friendly SUP designed for bigger riders (240+ lbs) and/or throwing a kid up front. The board glides effortlessly with 275+ lbs aboard.

The Tower Social 11'5 SUP has one of the highest volumes of any sub-12' stand up paddle board (which means better floatation and glide), and with carbon cross link construction it's also remarkably light. It was designed to be a fun and social board, one where you can throw a friend up on the front and even ride tandem.

Weight is 27 lbs. Dimensions are 11'5" x 31" x 5.3"

NOTE: Be extra careful about heat and sun exposure on dark carbon fiber SUPs to avoid overheating and delamination. We sell a white SUP board cover separately.

We have a 30 day return window for unused hard boards that have shipping damage or defects from the date of delivery. However, we do not have a warranty on these products. Please click here for product care details.

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The Tower Social 11'5" - a fun, social SUP that will have the whole family spending more time on the water.

At a volume of 237 liters and a width of 31, this 11'5" board is truly tandem friendly. It will glide smoothly carrying up to 275 lbs, so throw a friend up front and enjoy the water together. While its a beefy stand up paddle board in terms of stability and floatation, at only 27 lbs with pad and fins its actually 5-10 lbs lighter than many of the other large SUPs on the market.

The finishing touches on the board were given just as much thought. Unlike many SUPs, where the traction pad is an afterthought, the sharp looking Tower branded traction pad was designed as an accessory to enhance the beauty of the board. A 2+1 Futures fin box configuration was added to allow for flexibility in intended use. A maintenance free air vent and a single longboard SUP center fin are included with every board.

The Tower Social is a beautiful blend of technology and aesthetic design. This stylishly futuristic board features an an outer layer of 6 oz fiberglass and an inner layer of 10 oz high-tech carbon cross link material (it's Kevlar, actually like in bulletproof vests), which adds shear strength and breathtaking design. These boards were designed in California in Tower's San Diego SUP factory, yet due to our manufacturer direct distribution model they are $1000 less expensive than comparable quality boards sold thru retail by other brands.

Benefits of Carbon Cross Link

More rigid - Compared to traditional epoxy and fiberglass construction, carbon cross link boards are quite a bit more rigid.

Stylish design - The look of these boards really blows people away. The carbon cross link mesh looks like nothing else on the market and gives the board a clean, stylish, and futuristic design.


Weight: 27 lbs with deck pad

Dimensions: 11'5" length by 31" width by 5.3" thickness

Weight Capacity: 275 lbs

Volume: 237 Liters

Nose Rocker: 6.2 inches

Tail Rocker: 2.6 inches

Fin Configuration: 2+1 fin options for thruster, 2+1, or longboard fin configuration

Onboard Accessories: Standard hand slide carrying handle and an air vent

Included External Accessories: A single longboard center fin and a Tower branded deck pad

Construction: Cutting edge carbon cross-link construction designed in California. 1.5 lb foam core with a wood stringer wrapped by a top layer of 6 oz epoxy glassing and a bottom layer of 10 oz carbon cross link. The final board has a sanded speed finish.

9 review(s)

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Not worth it
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Review by: from Los Angeles on 4/20/2018
I purchased a Tower board because of the 600 price tag. Local shops charge about a thousand dollars for a board plus paddle. This Tower board cost me 100$ for a paddle and then about 100$ more for shipping. Now their shipping company is unable to schedule their delivery time within a 4 hour window. So NOW I have to skip a day of work. So the final cost of what is supposed to be an inexpensive board has ballooned into 1k$. What was the point? Oh did I mention local shops would let me demo the board before I purchased. THIS PADDLEBOARD IS NOT A SOUND PURCHASE.

11'5" Social and 10'6"Fit
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Review by: from Mi. & Fla. on 4/16/2018
I purchased this board a couple months ago. It was simple to schedule delivery to my home in Fla. as I'm only there a week at a time [just call tower and order by phone] I paddle there on rivers and inter coastal which is flat water and the gulf. the board picks up and glides easily on small waves in the gulf, It's stiff and I'm sure buoyant enough for really large paddlers, I'm 215 and I'm sure another 100 lbs would not be a problem. I also took advantage of the Sale offer for 2-10'6" Fit boards, same thing as the Social only smaller. these came to my Mi. home right after the ice went out, it was a calm day so I took about a 45 min spin. At 215 lbs my bare feet stayed pretty much dry from modest wave action, still plenty of buoyancy, another 40-50 lbs would be no problem. These are both great boards, very light and stiff! I also have bags from Tower and they are 1st class, great fit and the most protective I have seen. One other point shipping price is reduced about 80% on 2nd board when shipped together.

Heat/Sun Exposure
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Review by: from on 9/19/2017
The board is great, supports riders over 200 lbs easily and a light two person team up to around 400 lbs comfortably. My only criticism is that the heat/sun exposure. I did leave it out a good portion of the time and the exposure to different temperature extremes definitely does damage with air pockets and warped shell. Leaving it fully emersed in the sun also delaminates the color of the board as I've found. Other than that it works well, just be sure to get a cover and keep it inside in a fairly shady and stable temperature environment.

Survey for products
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Review by: from on 7/22/2016
I think all 3 paddle boards I ordered are excellent and we are very satisfied with the product.

I feel that you should offer a overnight or freight shipping options from FEDEX or UPS. If I'm spending 700 for a board, I'm not too worried about and addition 100 or 200 for quick shipping. Waiting 10-14 days after ordering the product is a disappointment. Your shipper was fine, I just would want to have my board(s) sooner. That would be the only area I think you can improve on and it a seri vice you can outsource and bill for, so there is no additional cost for your company.

We will highly recommend your product to others.

Great Hard Board
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Review by: from on 7/21/2016
This is a great board to have! I already had a isup by Tower (Xplorer-which I love) but was looking for a hard board that has more speed and control. There is enough room to have another person sit on the board with me but also not too big or heavy that I am able to transport myself without any help.

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Review by: from on 6/25/2016
Quality product delivered with exceptional service! Will gladly do business with again!!

Great Prodcut
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Review by: from on 5/30/2016
Great product, great service.

Great board
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Review by: from on 4/27/2015
I was notified my board would arrive ahead of schedule, it was delivered on the new delivery date as expected. I opened the box and noticed it was packaged properly to avoid any damage. I made sure to fully inspect the board before sending the driver on his way. The manufacturing quality of my board looks excellent, I could not find anything wrong after close inspection. I am a beginner SUPer, age 60, +200lbs with some minor shoulder and balance issues. I wanted a large board that would be stable without being to heavy or costly. I found I could maneuver this board in/out of the house and truck with ease. I have tried it on the water only a few times so far and with the single fin config but plan to add the other two side fins to see how that changes the tracking. I liked the stability of the board and plan to use it a lot more this summer.

Lives up to its name!
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Review by: from on 4/24/2015
DISCLAIMER: I am the Director of Communications at Tower.

This board lives up to it's name, it's incredible how stable it is and the amount of weight it supports!

I have been able to paddle this board with myself, my brother, and my niece all at the same time and it glided effortlessly. I've also gone on it with a couple of girlfriends without a problem.

When I use the board alone and it's certainly very fast and stable and not too much to handle. But I wouldn't put up with storing and transporting such a large board at 5'10" and 130 lbs if I was just riding alone for the most part.

For tandem rides and larger riders in all types of body of water, it's definitely the best board out there!