DIY Beach Games

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No beach day is complete without a little friendly competition. Here are four easy and cheap DIY games to bring to the beach. You’ll never head to the beach without them again. Add in a couple drinks and you’ve got the perfect recipe for a party. Let the games begin!

Sponge Water Bomb Tag

    Need: A couple packs of sponges, scissors, jute string and two buckets.

    • To make one bomb, cut each sponge into three equal lengthwise pieces. Do this with six sponges.
    • Stack the three pieces on top of one another and line them up next to each other. Six sponges across and three stacked high.
    • Place the jute string under all 18 of the sponges in the center. Tie the string around all of the sponges and tie in a double knot.
    • Playing: Each player begins with two sponges. Fill the buckets with water and set them in two different spots. Each player starts by dunking their sponges in the water buckets. Everyone stands far away from one another, facing outward in a circle. Someone counts 3, 2, 1 and everyone turns around. The object is to get all of the other players out by hitting them with a sponge. Players may re-soak their sponges as much as they need. Last standing player, wins!

    Ladder Golf

      Need to make:

      • The bolas: 18 golf balls (three different colors, six of each color), 25 feet of a 1/4” nylon rope, drill press, 1/4” drill bit and 1” spade bit.
        • Clamp a scrap piece of wood in the drill press and drill a 1” diameter hole using your 1” spade bit. Leave the scrap wood where it is clamped.
        • Remove the 1” spade bit and replace with a 1/4" diameter bit.
        • Set a golf ball in the hole drilled all the way through the center of it into the center of the scrap wood. Repeat on all the golf balls.
      • The Ladder: Five 10-foot long sticks of 3/4”-PVC pipe, twelve 3/4”-PVC “T” fittings and twelve 3/4”-PVC 90 degree fittings.
        • For the ladder, cut the PVC pipes into nine 2’ long pieces and six 1’ long pieces. If you want to make two, double up on the PVC pipes.
        • Assemble the ladder by using six 2’ long pieces into a rectangle. The sides of ladder will be made up of the 1’ long pipes and the middle connectors will consist of the remaining 2’ long pipes. See picture below.
        • If you plan on bringing this to the beach, it's best that you don't glue the pieces together. That way you can easily transport them to and from the beach.
      • Playing: You must have two teams consisting of at least two players each. Set up your ladder and then walk about five paces in the opposite direction, this is your tossing line. Each player should have three bolas. The first team throws all three bolas. Then the second team goes, while the first teams bolas remain on the ladder. Whoever scores higher each round, begins the next round. Balls are still counted if they bounce off the ground. Knocking the opposing teams bolas off the ladder is acceptable and encouraged.

      To score, count up all the bolas remaining on the ladder. The top step is worth three points, the second is worth two and the bottom step is worth one point. To win, your team must get to 21. If your team goes over, those points do not count. If you are playing with more than two players on each team, you'll need to set up a second ladder, five paces away from the first. Same rules apply.

      Beach Pong

      Need: Twelve five gallon buckets and two tennis balls.

        • Fill up the 12 buckets with a little bit of ocean water. Set up six buckets in a triangle formation. Set up the other six buckets about 10’ away from the first set in the same formation - three in the back, two in the middle and one in the front. Teams of two stand behind each set of buckets and the starting team throws both of their balls trying to get them in one of the opposing teams buckets. If one or no balls make it into the opposing buckets, the other team gets the balls. If both balls are made into buckets on the same turn, the team who shot them gets them again. When a ball makes it into a bucket, the thrower gets to dump that bucket on a player of their choice. Whatever team clears the opposing teams buckets first, wins the gold.

        It’s just like some good old fashioned beer pong, but instead of getting sauced, you get salty! Or both ;)

        Sand Darts

          Need: Rocks from the beach or six sandbags. Three of one color and three of another.

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