SUP Life Vest - Inflatable Re-Arm Kit

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SUP Life Vest - Inflatable Re-Arm Kit

SUP Life Vest - Inflatable Re-Arm Kit

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CO2 cartridge re-arming kit for your MTI Fluid inflatable SUP life jacket.


SUP Life Vest - Inflatable Re-Arm Kit

This inflatable SUP life vest re-arming kit includes a replacement CO2 cartridge for MTIs Fluid inflatable SUP life jacket . These style of personal floatation devices are stowed out of the way in a belt pack until they are needed (which hopefully is never). When you do need it, a onetime use CO2 cartridge auto inflates a bladder that you then slip over your head. After use, like a parachute, you can then repack the PDF into the belt pack but youll need to install a replacement CO2 cartridge. Thats what youre getting with the SUP life vest re-arming kit.

About SUP Life Jacket Producer MTI

MTI, out of Massachusetts, has been making life jackets for paddlesports enthusiasts in the United States since 1991, but their roots and experience in life vest production dates back to the 1930s in Japan where the current owners grandfather originally started making life jackets. Its a small, family owned paddle sports company and the focus on quality shows thru. Many of their personal floatation devices (PFDs) are made in a factory owned by their extended family in Shanghai.

In light of the 2008 United States Coast Guard ruling that stand up paddle boarders are required to have a wearable PFD (Personal Flotation Device) aboard their vessel at all times when venturing beyond swimming, surfing, or bathing areas, MTI has made a concerted effort to provide lightweight, comfortable, and SUP-friendly life jacket solutions. They have done an outstanding job thus far and have established themselves as a leader in this niche SUP life jacket market. MTI offers low-profile, inflatable SUP life vests that are worn around the waist ready for deployment when necessary. Thus they stay out of your way while paddling around. In the unfortunate event you need a life vest, simply trigger the CO2 inflation canister and a bladder inflates that you can put over your neck. They also offer more standard lightweight stand up paddle surfing life vests that are designed not to interfere with arm movement.And they even offer life jackets for dogs !

MTI is focused on producing the best personal flotation devices on the market. They don't veer off focus by creating other products for the paddlesports industry such as boats or paddles. They work closely with the United States Coast Guard to ensure they are keeping up with the latest PFD needs, and this is precisely why they were a first mover in the stand up paddle surfing life vest market. Like the rest of their PFD products, the design of their SUP life vests is guided by six core principles that are intended to get a quality safety product into as many hands as possible, and then to ensure they get used once they are purchased. Here are the guiding principles:

  1. Make it comfortable
  2. Make it look good
  3. Focus on practical and useful features
  4. Make it affordable
  5. Meet or exceed all Coast Guard regulations
  6. Build it to last

Go with an MTI SUP life vest and you can't really go wrong!

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