SUP Surfing Leashes

When choosing an SUP surfing leash, and really any surfboard leashes, you first want to consider the length of your board. The general rule of thumb on SUP leashes is to get one that is as long, or a little longer, than your stand up paddle board. Thus you don’t just want to walk into a surf shop and get a standard 6’, 7’, or 8’ short board surfing leash because it will be too short and you’ll end up getting hit by your board on the recoil. Most SUP leashes are 10’ to 12’ and should be a little thicker in diameter than surfing leashes, which are usually quarter inch. SUP leashes start at about 5/16ths inch. You can get either a straight leash, or a coiled SUP leash. Also, you can get a leash that is designed to attach to your ankle or your calf depending on your preference.

Price: $32.00
Price: $32.00