SUP Wall Racks for Two SUPs

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SUP Wall Racks for Two SUPs
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SUP Wall Racks for Two SUPs

12 review(s)

The on-rail two SUP wall racks by GateKeeper are a beautiful and functional stand up paddle board storage solution (comes as set). In addition to prominently displaying your SUP conversation piece, they also keep it up and out of the way which reduces the seemingly unavoidable out of the water damage that seems to gravitate towards a twelve foot long board and thus improves the lifespan of your SUP.

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SUP Wall Rack by GateKeeper (set holds 2 SUPs)

The two SUP on-rail wall racks by GateKeeper are one of the best SUP wall rack solutions weve found. The on-rail part just means it stores your stand up paddle board on the rail at about a 45 degree angle instead of flat like many SUP wall racks. As SUPs can be up to 32 inches wide, this is a critical distinction. Storing a board flat out from a wall means you reduce the room size by almost 3 feet when SUPs are stored horizontally. The angled SUP storage saves about a foot. While the two board rack is a bit more expensive than a single board SUP wall rack, it allows for paddle storage as well, and of course a second board should you get another one for yourself or a family member. Stand up paddle boarding is always more fun with a friend, so its really nice to have a second guest board. This SUP wall rack storage solution will accommodate that future potential.

The Challenges of Storing a Stand Up Paddle Board

While stand up paddle boards may seem just like an oversized surfboard, they are in fact quite a bit larger which leads to storage issues that many new SUP enthusiasts dont consider when first buying a stand up paddle board. Its not uncommon for an SUP to be eleven or twelve feet long. Theyre also over 30 inches wide, but thats not really the storage issue problem. The vast majority of surfboards can be stood up in some out of the way corner as theyre typically less than 8 feet in length (aside from the longest long boards). Racks for surfboards typically only come into play if youre got a whole quiver (multiple surfboards for multiple wave conditions) of surfboards, or if youre merely interested in displaying your board as a conversation piece.

When youre looking for a place to store an SUP its less about options and more about where this thing will fit, if at all. You cant store a stand up paddle board vertically unless you have twelve foot or higher ceilings. Few houses do, and even fewer do when youre near the beach or the water where space always seems to be at a premium and living spaces seem to get smaller to compensate. An interesting aside here is that SUP retail shops even have to consider this issue when sourcing space as many retail spaces have 8or 10 ceilings, which really put a crimp on SUP display options. Even storing an SUP horizontally is a challenge as many storage type rooms, aside from the garage (which apartments dont tend to have), arent 12 feet long. Thus what happens is your storage room options boil down to larger rooms like living rooms, recreation rooms, garages, or outside. In an apartment, the living room is typically the only choice. Unless youre going to hide it behind the couch (which isnt a bad idea), an SUP wall rack is an essential space saving investment. In a house with a garage, thats your natural solution, yet floor space is usually at a premium. Using SUP wall racks or a ceiling rack system is an effective way to tap into unused overhead space. Outside storage is fine if its secure (these things are quite expensive) and covered so as to avoid exposure to the sun (which will create havoc on a board over time).

SUP Wall Rack

While stand up paddle boards have a somewhat variable useful life depending on usage, the best SUP wall racks and SUP ceiling racks are made of durable materials and thus can easily last decades. Thus its a pretty good investment to get your boards up and out of the way to minimize out of the water damage, which is probably the most significant risk to the life span of your stand up paddle board.


SUP Rack Construction All steel, welded construction using one inch diameter tubular steel support arms

SUP Surf Rack Cushioning High-quality tubular nitrile foam cushioning

SUP Wall Rack Mounting 2 wide wall mounts secured with 3 long quarter inch lag screws for stud mounting.

SUP Rack Finish Matte black powder coated finish

12 review(s)

Overall Customer Rating of 12 Reviews:

Paddleboard hooks

Review by: from on 7/11/2017
Awesome, sturdy hooks, look great on our fence

SUP wall racks for 2

Review by: from on 3/30/2017
Mounted low and easy to access

SUP Wall Rack System

Review by: from on 3/22/2017
Great quality, easy to mount wall rack system. Now that my 2 Adventurers are stored overhead I don't worry about accidently banging them around in my storage unit (I am a clumsy paddle boarder).

Solid product

Review by: from on 6/10/2016
Box was a little banged up when I received it, but the racks were in great shape. Easy to hang and work well.

SUP board rack

Review by: from on 6/6/2016
Excellent response and quality.

Excellent product

Review by: from on 9/8/2014
I've been looking for quite some time for a SUP rack that will store two boards. This product does exactly that and is very easy to install. Shipping was fast and customer service was great. Great product.

SUP racks

Review by: from on 4/17/2013
I purchased a set of double SUP wall racks and they are awesome. They are solid and well constructed - the arms of the rack are fully padded. Instillation was simple and the boards slide right in. The two boards rest and an angle that is enough to save space but not so much to make it hard to set them in. I am very pleased.

perfect for mounting two SUP

Review by: from on 9/20/2012
easy and quick to install.

Wall rack review

Review by: from on 9/20/2012
Awesome....couldn't be happier!!

Rack review

Review by: from on 8/20/2012
Racks worked perfectly in my garage. Made storage easy.

wall rack

Review by: from on 8/20/2012
Very nice wall rack. Will fit both my 11'5" board and my wife's 9'10" board. I recommend finding the studs behind your walls. This is too much weight to simply attach to the dry wall.

Paddle Board wall rack

Review by: from on 4/19/2012
Well designed easy to install and works great.