Tower G-SUP 10'6" All-Around

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Tower G-SUP 10'6" All-Around
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Tower G-SUP 10'6" All-Around

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It's glass-infused. It's the G-SUP! The zero compromise stand up paddle board. Lightweight, insanely durable, high-performance, exacting US-made quality, and all for under $1000 delivered.

Lightweight - 31 lbs 10oz with SUP pad and fin.

High-performance - Proven rigidity and strength of fiberglass.

Shatterproof - Smack it with a hammer.

Serious durability - Say good riddance to fragile, high-maintenance SUPs.

Finest quality - Exacting US-made craftsmanship.

For the vast majority, the Tower G-SUP pretty much makes all hard board SUP alternatives obsolete.


A game-changer that innovatively combines the lightweight and high-performance characteristics of fiberglass with a patented 'glass infusion' process to create an exponentially more durable SUP - one you can smack with a hammer and not leave even a dent! Beginner-proof, you might say.

It's lightweight, insanely "hit it with a hammer" durable, super high-performance, and made with exacting US quality.

The Problem with Most Stand Up Paddle Boards - They're Fragile.

Traditional stand up paddle boards on the market use fiberglass and epoxy resin. There are a few exceptions like roto-molded boards, but those are like 60 lb--so not even worth discussing as they're just way too heavy. These fiberglass and resin boards are made using a thermoset composite process, and the problem is that the final product cracks, dings, and dents fairly easily. The weight and performance is great in some instances and worse in others, but they're all pretty fragile things. This isn't so much of a problem with a 6' surfboard that weighs 5-7 lbs, but when you're talking about a 10'-12' SUP that weighs 30 lbs plus, periodic damage in transit can be a problem. Durability increases incrementally as you go to more exotic constructions like with sandwich composites and with materials as you move to carbon fibers and exotics, but the durability improvements are only incremental. The resin is still the weak point. When bent or with impact, the resin cracks before the strong fiberglass fibers have a chance to stretch out and take the load.

The G-SUP Solution

The patented process used to produce the G-SUP replaces the Achilles' Heel of traditional fiberglass boards, the epoxy resin which becomes brittle when hardened. This innovative process replaces the epoxy resin with polypropylene, and by doing so takes a composite that is very lightweight and strong and increases the durability substantially. This is not merely an incremental improvement. The increase in durability is almost unbelievable. The result for the G-SUP board is an overall shell that is extremely rigid over the length of the board, yet enjoys tremendous flex characteristics over short areas and that is what takes the impact of collisions, the incidents which would typically dent, ding, or crack a traditional epoxy fiberglass board. With the G-SUP there is no cracking. The polypropylene stretches and lets the strong fiberglass fibers take the impact load and then everything rebounds back. It exhibits the best qualities of both the raw fiberglass fibers and the malleable polypropylene.


Making a breakthrough board like the G-SUP available to consumers at under $1000 isn't possible without the coming together of a uniquely talented team which includes a materials engineer, a world-class board shaper, and Tower's considerable direct to consumer reach. The materials engineering is something that comes from way outside the surf industry and our expert lives and breathes product development and advancement. Great materials without an enlightened paddle board shape, however, are relatively worthless in the SUP world. Our shaper and Director of Product R&D, Byron Olson, has over 30 years experience shaping boards in the surf industry and has been making SUPs since the inception of the sport almost a decade ago. Tower's 10'6" G-SUP uses what he feels is the best all-around shape on the market today for any rider up to 250 lbs (230 lbs for beginners), so it's truly a SUP with universal appeal. Lastly, the massive direct to consumer connection that Tower has built over the past 4 years means we can bring the G-SUP, a board made in the USA, to consumers at an astonishingly affordable price point.

Tower was founded with the mission of getting more people active and out on the water. There really is no downside to stand up paddle boarding. It's a fun activity to do with friends and family. It's a great workout. And it gives people a closer connection to the water, one of our most precious resources. Now with the introduction of the G-SUP, we feel we're bringing the opportunity to enjoy SUP to a much wider audience as we bring the price point of one of the highest quality boards on the market to under $1000.

Key Benefits

Lightweight - 31 lbs 10 oz with SUP pad and fin.

High-performance - Proven rigidity and strength of fiberglass.

Shatterproof - Smack it with a hammer.

Serious durability - Say good riddance to fragile, high-maintenance SUPs.

Finest quality - Exacting US-made craftsmanship.

Affordable - Under $1000 in our manufacturer direct model.

G-SUP Material


Weight: 30 lbs, 32 lbs with SUP pad & fin

Dimensions: 10'6" length by 31.5 width by 4.5 thickness

Volume: 202 Liters

Nose Rocker: 5 inches

Tail Rocker: 3 inches

Fin Configuration: Single longboard fin configuration

Onboard Accessories: LiftSUP carrying handle, front and foredeck ConneXsup deck plugs (for Go-Pro mounts, cup holder, GPS, etc.), a rear leash plug, and a pre-installed gray diamond grooved deck pad.

Included with the Board: A longboard SUP center fin, pre-installed deck pad

Construction: Patented "Glass infused" fiberglass shell over Polyurethane foam (U.S. Patent 8,673,106)

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