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International Specials on Paddle Boards

We have a few special inflatable paddle board packages (listed below) that we will ship to most countries around the world for just $29 in shipping. We are able to ship these at a reduced flat rate due to high international demand (duty fees not included). The below packages are our only products with flat rate international shipping. You can, however, add accessories to your international board order without an additional charge if placed at the same time.*

International iSUP Package - 9'10" x 6" Adventurer International iSUP - "Adventurer 2" iSUP Package - 10'4" International iSUP - iRace 12'6" Inflatable SUP Package
Our Price: $699.00

Our Price: $799.00

Our Price: $899.00
iSUP iSUP Inflatable Touring Paddle Board Package
International iSUP Package - 14' Racing / Touring Xplorer SUP
Our Price: $999.00

Inflatable Touring Paddle Board Package
*Examples of accessories that apply are: fins, iSUP backpacks, d-rings, and leashes. Again, these can only be added at the time of board purchase if you with to avoid additional shipping charges. Any accessories purchased after your original board order will be charged shipping based on standard carrier prices. All international order customers accept responsibility for any customs charges applied to the delivery. We don't ship hard boards outside of the continental US as they require freight shipment. Sorry, but no exceptions.