5 Insane Vacation Ideas for Thrillseekers

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If you’re looking to skip the adventure and relax on your next vacation, you might pick a hotel on a beach somewhere. If your idea of thrillseeking is to chill in the sun with a good book and a cosmo, then this is the wrong vacation guide for you. But, if that’s not you, and you’re trying to get away from the suit and tie, lame meeting-filled days, and the feeling that every day is Groundhog’s Day, you want more, you want to be thrilled, and you want excitement, read on. Check out some of the craziest places to vacation that absolutely scream adventure.

Want to Be Scared Shipless?

If flying halfway around the world to Australia isn’t scary enough for you, you just might be in for a treat. After taking in all the crazy intense scenery and world wonders that Australia has to offer, why not cap off your little adventure with some heart-pounding fear. So, you did the glass-bottomed boat, shark cage diving thing, got up close and personal with sharks and it was just too blasé for you. Well, if you’re into a little less traditional underwater danger, then you’ll want to check Australia’s Crocosaurus Cove’s “Cage of Death.”

If you’re both fascinated and a little bit obsessed with beasts that can tear you in two, then go ahead, take the plunge in this 9’ clear glass enclosure and hang with crocodiles, if you dare. You’ll be re-enacting those horror scenes at the end of your favorite movies; the ones where the bad guy gets thrown into a sea of hungry reptiles. First, this nifty clear tube suspends you over the water to watch huge crocodiles thrashing about in the water below you. Then, just when you were starting to feel comfortable, you are plunged into dangerous waters. There’s nothing but a thin piece of glass between you and these angry 16’ creatures.

If that doesn’t get your heart racing, then we have a couple more ideas for you …

Stairway to Heaven?

Let’s hope it’s not! If you’d like to enjoy the beauty of China, but you’re a hiker at heart and you’re seriously tired of the same old photos from the top of every boring mountain you’ve climbed, you just might be able to get pumped about this next location.

Hiking, in and of itself, can be quite exhilarating and the views from mountaintops, breathtaking. But, there’s nothing better than the sheer fear you’ll feel on Mount Hua Shan of Huayin City, China. This thrillseeker’s destination is like no other. If you get a rush out of warning signs that say “due attention must be paid to personal safety when walking or climbing through the passes,” and they recommend having your affairs in order before proceeding, then this is definitely your gig.

But, be warned, you better get swole before you attempt these radical staircases carved into the rock, vertical trails, thousand-foot precipices, hundred-foot crevices, foot-wide treks along the edge of the mountain with only a chain as your safety net and plank paths bolted into the mountain.

If you’re comfortable traversing such trails, take a peek of some of the fun you’ll be in for here: Travel Guide for China’s Mount Hua Shan. If your heart doesn’t drop a little just looking at what’s in store for you, then, dude, you’re just not human or you might have a heart of ice. Speaking of ice …

Arctic Adventure

Now you can circle the Artic Circle with your own dogsledding team on this 9-day unforgettable excursion. You’re going to have to man-up for this one, since the description states the activity rating as “moderate to strenuous.” Best of all, if the coolest place you’ve been lately is an Ice Martini Bar, then you’re in for an über treat with your final destination at Sweden’s Ice Hotel.

Sleeping in a sculpted ice room at the ridiculously famous Ice Hotel? Does it really get any better than that? Tell that story at the water cooler on Monday morning! This thrillseeker’s vacation is on fleek. Your Arctic adventure awaits and can be booked on the National Geographic Expeditions website.

Feeling So Fly Like a G6

Swimming with crocs, hugging the edge of a cliff, and sleeping like an ice queen not amped up enough for you? Then, this next insane adventure has your name written all over it. How would you like to feel the Gs and live to tell about it? This Switzerland-based company offers you the real thing; flying a jet. This is no joke; it’s not a simulated flight, and if you crash the plane, it’s game over. For real.

With a warning like “you need to be of sound health—which means, most of all, no problems with your heart or spine,” you know this is no simple joyride. You will actually be in the pilot’s seat of a legit fighter jet. But, don’t get it twisted, there will be an experienced pilot in the plane with you, you just won’t see him or her and it’ll be all you.

With locations across the US, Canada, London and Germany, you should be able to make a solid vacation out of this experience, and give yourself some serious bragging rights with some stout video to boot.

If you think you’ve got what it takes, then book your next vacation around your flight adventure. You can get all the deets on their site, FlyFighterJet.com. Better get your Black Card out though, pricing starts at about $3,000 for 45 minutes.

Explore the Underworld

If you don’t want to chill in the Ice Hotel or feel the thrust as your jet plane screams into orbit, then maybe some underwater spelunking is more your style. If requirements like “you must be fit and agile: vigorous rock climbing up through the cascading waterfalls and pool plunging are a part of this trip not negotiable” trip your trigger, then the Mayan underworld and waterfall caves could be right in your wheelhouse.

And don’t think you’re getting off that easily, either. You have to hike for 30 minutes through the jungle first, before you even start your crazy thrill ride. Grab the info here: Belize Waterfalls—Caves Expeditions.

If you’re an adrenaline junkie, then why not make this year’s vacation an extreme adventure that you’ll remember forever? No more same old, same old for you. This time, you’ve done your research and you’re ready to rock-n-roll. This will be a thrillseeker’s dream like no other. So, pack your bags and don’t forget to fill us in on the crazy places you’re headed!

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