The World's Most Dangerous Beaches

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The World's Most Dangerous Beaches...From Shark Encounters to Dingo Attacks (yes this can really happen)!

Who doesn’t love a relaxing beach vacation? There’s the great view, a spot to soak up the sun on the sand, and the big blue ocean. But, paradise comes with hidden dangers, and your favorite vacation spot may not be what it seems. Let’s take a look at the 12 most dangerous beaches in the world.

Fraser Island- Queensland, Australia

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The scenic coast of Queensland is a go-to spot for summer vacations. But the inviting water around Fraser Island is infested with sharks, jellyfish and deadly rip currents. Swimmers are warned about the dangers, as well as sunbathers. The beaches also have poisonous spiders, crocodiles and dingoes, which have attacked vacationers. Be aware and take caution if find yourself in this beautiful spot!

Zipolite, Mexico

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Zipolite is a beautiful stretch of pale sand and crystal water on the south coast of Mexico, in the state of Oaxaca. Zipolite means “the beach of dead,” and it lives up to its name! The rip currents are the #1 beach danger, and hundreds of beachgoers drown each year. Hundreds of beachgoers drown each year. A strong rip current moves three feet a second, which is as fast as an Olympic swimmer in a 50 meter sprint.

Northern Territory, Australia

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The beaches on the north coast of Australia are dangerous to swim, unless you don’t mind being close to Box Jellyfish, one of the most venomous creatures in the world. They swarm the beaches during the country’s summer months, from October to April. Box jellyfish stings can cause some swimmers to have a heart attack before they even reach the shore. This area also has sharks and dangerous rip tides.

Hanakapiai, Kauai

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This beach on the north coast of Kauai is extremely dangerous. Tally marks on a sign leading up to the beach warns hikers about the people who have died. It’s not the sharks, but unseen currents catch swimmers by surprise. Hundreds of swimmers drown at America’s beaches each year after getting stuck in a rip current. The US Lifesaving Association says 80% of rescues by lifeguards are because of rip currents. So hike to this beach for the beautiful view, and stay out of the water.

Teahupoo, Tahiti[/caption]

Surfers have traveled around the world to find the most dangerous and thrilling waves, and Teahupoo is one of the most talked about surf spots. It’s on the southwest tip of Tahiti. The surf breaks are challenging because the waves are top heavy and look as if they are folding onto the ocean. To add to the danger, there is a sharp coral reef just below the break. Teahupoo lives up to its name, which means “to sever the head.”

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