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21 Fishing Paddle Board Adventure Photos

We've compiled 21 of the best fishing paddle board photos to inspire your next fishing adventure. These photos will make you want to drop everything, grab your inflatable fishing paddle board, and hit the water to catch some fish!

Man setting up fishing gear on a paddle board
We'll start off with this awesome fishing paddle board setup. All ready for a day out on the water.
man holding a fish on a paddle board
A happy customer on our Tower iSUP Adventurer.

Our Tower inflatable paddle boards can withhold a great deal of onboard weight making it easy to add extra chairs and coolers to your fishing trip.

man fishing on a paddle board in the distance

Best to be the first one out in the water. Catch them when they least expect you!

man casting his fishing line while riding on a paddle board

Beautiful shot of the first throw of the day. Nothing beats paddle board fishing on a nice glassy river.

man fishing on paddle board in a lake

Paddle boarding to greener pastures.

man fishing in the ocean on a paddle board

Inflatable stand up paddle boards are great for paddle board fishing due to their increased volume, buoyancy, and greater width when compared to hardtop SUP's.

woman paddle boarding with a box on her paddle board

Everybody's getting in on the action! Our womens paddle board is great for all women fisherman out there.

woman in swim suit fishing on a paddle board

Our Tower womens iSUP can withstand up to 400lbs of onboard weight. Easily add a cooler or a storage bin as seen above!


man fishing up a shark on a paddle board

Reeling in the first catch of the day. Perhaps a shark?

Woman casting her line to a fish in shallow water

Eyes set on the prize. Anchoring your fishing paddle board can be easy with our d-ring paddle board accessories.

woman wading through water with her paddle board

Our smaller river SUP fins will also allow your board to venture into shallower waters without bottoming out.

man and dog fishing on a paddle board

It's best to have a fishing paddle board dog as a companion while on the water. A lot of dogs love to go paddle boarding!

man with fishing gear on a paddle board

Tower's EVA foam pads that come on all of our inflatable paddle boards provide the perfect cushion and support for long days out on the water.

man reeling in a fish on a paddle board

Our iSUP deck is also great for adding traction while throwing your fishing rod.

man holding a large fish in front of the camera while riding a paddle board

An awesome catch!

man holding a huge fish over the side of his paddle board

You never know what you may reel in on your fishing paddle board adventure.

woman in bikini fishing on a paddle board near shore

It's easy to look stylish while on an inflatable touring paddle board.

man with a fish on his pole while riding a paddle board

Paddle in one hand, and a nice catch in the other.

kid fishing off a paddle board at sunset

Even your kids will want to join you on your fishing SUP adventure.

man paddling into the sunset

Make sure to catch the sunset on your way home. Hopefully with a cooler full of fish for dinner!