Ceiling Mount Paddle Board Rack Add-On

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SUP Add-on to Rack Ceiling System
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Ceiling Mount Paddle Board Rack Add-On

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This is an add-on to our SUP ceiling rack system (which already holds one SUP), which you will need to already have for this add-on to work. This add on transforms the surfboard rack into a SUP rack, since the rack will now have additional width.

One additional piece on the rack to hold a SUP board.

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Paddle board storage rack

This ceiling rack by GateKeeper is a modular system and was originally designed for surfboards, but can be transformed into a SUP rack below the initial ceiling mount piece. There is a ceiling base mounting piece that attaches to the ceiling (truss rafters, or ceiling joists thru the drywall is fine). This base piece is designed to mount to the ceiling and hold one surfboard. It only holds boards up to about 25 wide, so it wont work for must SUPs. The optional modular add-ons attached below this base can be either for a surfboard or a stand up paddle board (up to 32 wide). This SUP ceiling rack system is a package of the mounting piece and the SUP modular add-on. Even though there is an extra surfboard module above the SUP storage rack, this can be quite useful for a paddle, a surfboard, fishing poles, or whatever. The whole system is made with all-steel, welded construction, and padded by nitrile foam cushioning. The maximum recommended weight capacity is 120 lbs.

SUP Ceiling Rack Add-on Module

With the SUP Add-on, your ceiling rack system will look like this

Storing a Stand Up Paddle Board

While stand up paddle boards may just seem like an oversized surfboard, they are in fact quite a bit wider, which can lead to storage issues. The vast majority of surfboards can be stood up and stored away in the corner as they're typically less than 8 feet in length. Try doing this with a stand up paddle board and you will run into issues.

When you're looking for a place to store a SUP its less about options and more about where things will fit. You can't store a stand up paddle board vertically unless you have twelve foot or higher ceilings. Even storing a SUP horizontally is a challenge. Generally SUP's are stored in a garage environment, but its tough to showcase your board in a crummy garage. Using SUP wall racks or a ceiling rack system is an effective way to tap into unused overhead space.

While stand up paddle boards have a somewhat variable life depending on usage, the best SUP wall racks and SUP ceiling racks are made of durable materials and thus can easily last decades. They're a great investment to get your boards up and out of the way, and to minimize out of water damage.


SUP Rack Construction: All steel, welded construction using one inch diameter tubular steel support arms.

SUP Surf Rack Cushioning High-quality tubular nitrile foam cushioning.

SUP Wall Rack Mounting 2 wide wall mounts secured with 3 long quarter inch lag screws for stud mounting.

SUP Rack Finish Matte black powder coated finish.

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