Paddle Board Valve Wrench (iSUP)

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valve wrench for iSUPs

Paddle Board Valve Wrench (iSUP)

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Stand Up Paddle Board Accessories

Valve wrench for an inflatable paddle board valve. 

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Stand Up Paddle Board Accessories

The valve wrench for inflatable paddle boards will allow your to take the valve off to replace it if there is damage to it. As one of our most important stand up paddle board accessories, the valve wrench comes included in every inflatable paddle board purchase. 

How to replace an iSUP valve

Step 1: Gather your materials; you will need a replacement valve and a wrench. 

Step 2: Take out to old valve; using the wrench insert the teeth of the wrench into the valve and turn to the side that says open. 

Step 3: Inspect the PVC around the edge of the valve to ensure that it is not cracked or stretched out. 

Step 4: Make sure that all of the drop stitch material that is on the inside of the board stays on the inside and does not stick out of the valve opening. 

Step 5: Take the top piece of the new valve and screw it into the bottom piece that is already inside the board. When screwing the top piece in make sure you hold the bottom piece in place through the outside of the board.

Step 6: Once it is tightened by hand, use the valve wrench to completely tighten it to ensure that no air can get through the cracks. 

Step 7: Inflate the paddle board and enjoy!

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Exactly the same..

Review by: from Jacksonville, FL on 6/3/2018
This is a replacement for the one that comes with the board. Always good to have a backup.