10 Photos that Will Make you Want to Paddle Board Right Now

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Paddle boarding has become one of the most popular water sports in the world. 

Because it is incredibly easy to do and it is so much fun, millions of people have turned to it for exercise and recreation. With just a little bit of practice almost anyone can easily and safely paddle on a SUP. Whether you are young or old, fit or not, paddle boarding is an activity that you can enjoy. For those that are not near an ocean but are near a lake, pond, or river paddle boarding is great also. There is no difference between ocean paddle boards and non ocean paddle boards. Although there are different types of SUPs for different purposes, most will work well whether you are in the ocean or not.

After checking out these awesome paddle board photos you may feel a sudden urge to get out on the water for a long paddle. That is completely normal! At Tower, we understand the sudden urge to paddle and fully embrace that instinct. There are so many amazing health benefits to paddle boarding. Paddle board fitness is just another way to get exercise that may be a welcomed change from your normal workout routine. Whether you are doing SUP yoga or just a long distance paddle, there are a multitude of ways you can get fit on a paddle board.

Cruising around on the Adventure II Mermaid in Mission Bay.

Twilight paddle in San Diego!

Paddle boarding with her dog in La Jolla Shores. 

Our inflatable racing paddle board in the bay.

Paddle boarding under a waterfall on the Three Sisters Hike. 

A Tower paddle board overlooking the ocean in Sayulita, Mexico. 

Doing a handstand on a Tower wooden SUP. 

Two Tower inflatable paddle boards by the ocean.

Paddle boarding on the Tower Mermaid in San Diego.

3 Tower paddle boards in a Lake. 

If you are ready to buy!

There are many different types of paddle boards that you can buy. For SUP surfing, a smaller hardboard would be great such as our wooden paddle board. For paddling long distances we have the perfect touring paddle board that is also great for fishing off of. For a racing paddle board, our inflatable SUP board is perfect as it's longer and narrower than traditional stand up paddle boards. For an all around board, our Adventure II inflatable paddle board is our best seller and is perfect for anyone who wants to just paddle around without any real purpose. We sell two different models of this board as well with the other one being in a turquoise color.

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