Paddle Boarding at Night

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Paddle boarding at night has become an exciting new way to paddle board. While it may sound a bit crazy, night paddle boarding offers a new twist on your favorite water activity. By equipping the bottom of your paddle board with waterproof LED lights, you will be able to glow in the dark! The most important aspect in night SUP is to have all the best equipment. The right equipment will allow you to stay safe while having the best time possible. If you are comfortable with being out on the water at night and have taken all the safety precautions, we highly recommend giving night paddle boarding a try. Below we will go into detail on how to create the best night paddle boarding experience for you and your fellow paddlers.

Why paddle board at night?

Paddle boarding at night offers you a unique SUP experience that you may not be used to. Exploring your local bay or harbor at night with the proper lights can give you a perspective that you don’t otherwise get. You may be able to see wildlife below you with the LED lights that you would not normally be able to see. Additionally, going at dusk or during sunset will provide you with perhaps stunning skyline views. Paddle boarding during a full moon will give you ample lighting with a cool way to watch the stars and sky. Although you may be used to only paddling on a sunny day, night SUP provides a whole new experience that you might love.

Night SUP Equipment

Having the right equipment is paramount to a successful night paddle boarding experience. Below is a list of gear that will make your night SUP a successful one.

  • Lifejacket
  • Nocqua Adventure Gear (more details below)
  • Water booties or footwear
  • Water
  • Reflective clothing

Nocqua LED Waterproof Lighting

Having the right lighting on the bottom of your paddle board is the most important part of paddling at night. It allows you to see where you are going as well as stand out so other boaters around you can see you. Nocqua is the world leader in waterproof LED lighting for your paddle board or kayak. Their innovative products have allowed countless paddle boarders the flexibility to SUP whenever they want.

Spectrum Sport Lighting

The spectrum sport lighting system is a compact, cost-effective, powerful color changing lighting system that will illuminate your night time paddling adventures. With the ability to feature 7 different colors this system is a step better than their white lighting counterpart. The water resistant lights are easy to install and come all packed in one case. If you are in the market for some LED paddle board lights, Nocqua is your best option. This lighting system is able to work on an inflatable paddle board or hardboard.

Safety Tips

Safety should be your top priority while paddle boarding at night. Due to the lack of light, it can be much easier to fall or bump into something.

Buddy System

First and foremost, we highly recommend being with at least one other person while paddling at night. This way you can both look out for each other and ensure that nothing bad happens. If you are paddle boarding alone we highly recommend bringing your phone so that you can call someone if things go wrong.

Proper Safety Gear

Wearing reflective gear is another great way to stand out in the dark. This allows boaters to see you from afar and stay a safe distance away. Another piece of safety gear is water booties or any kind of footwear. Due to the decreased visibility, you may not be able to see sharp rocks below you when you are dismounting from the paddle board. Wearing sandals or booties will ensure that you don’t cut up your feet. A life jacket is another piece of gear that will help if you fall into the water. If you are a confident swimmer a life jacket may not be completely necessary but if not we highly recommend one.

Weather Conditions

Whether you are paddling during the day or night, understanding the weather and surf conditions is paramount to proper safety. Especially at night, as you may not be able to see the waves coming in, knowing what the surf is like beforehand is critical. Check your local surf conditions on Surfline and use your weather app to make sure the wind is not too strong. Paddle boarding at night in rough conditions is a recipe for disaster.

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