Paddleboard Accessories: iSUP Patches

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Paddleboard Accessories: iSUP Patches

7 review(s)

Does NOT Include Glue (Any PVC marine glue at your local hardware store will work)

Paddleboard Accessories

Patch kit for Tower inflatable stand up paddle boards. Each single order contains two patches (3.75") 

    Patch Diameter: 3.75"


    Paddleboard Accessories

    One of our most important paddleboard accessories, the patch kit for inflatable paddle board includes two (3.75") white PVC patches. Thus, if you order 2 patch kits you will receive 4 patches. If you order 3 patch kits you will receive 6 patches. 

    Tips and Tricks:
    To locate a leak, inflate your inflatable paddle board and spray soapy water across surface. You will see bubbles forming wherever air is escaping. This is the area that needs to be patched. Mark the area with a pencil so you don't lose the location. Deflate board.

    Applying the Patch:
    Step 1 - Thoroughly clean the board surface and the PVC patches with acetone. Repeat a few times waiting 5 minutes between each cleaning.
    Step 2 - Apply a thin layer of PVC glue to the patch and board surface. Spread evenly. Wait 3-5 minutes for the glue to become tacky.
    Step 3 - Heat glue on board surface and patch for 10-30 seconds with heat gun or hair dryer so that the PVC warmed.
    Step 4 - After the final 5 minute wait, press the patch to the board surface evenly. You will want to have the area to be patched lying as flat as possible.
    Step 5 - Apply pressure starting from the patch center and working your way outward. This can be done with the back of a spoon. Then work your way around the edge of the patch too.
    Step 6 - Wipe off any excess glue with acetone.
    Step 7 - Attach masking tape to area to keep patch in place while glue sets.
    Step 8 - Put something heavy on top of the patch while the glue sets for at least 24 hours.
    Step 9 - After 24 hours, remove heavy object and masking tape and your board should be good to use!

    Here's a video we put together with the instructions as well:

    7 review(s)

    Overall Customer Rating of 7 Reviews:

    So far so good

    Review by: from Columbia, MD on 6/27/2019
    Does not include instructions, so you will have to watch a video on the website. I question putting the rough side down, but that is what the video says. So far it holds well.

    Easy Patch

    Review by: from 30101 on 5/23/2019
    I am thouroughly impressed in the durability of my Xplorer 14'1" SUP I bought two years ago. Very durable and have even taken it down some long river trips with light rapids with no issue.

    I was devasted couple weeks ago when I pulled it on to a bank and shredded a hole into it with a nail that was sticking up, don't know why it was there but anyway. Used the patch kit with glue and patch as recommended from tower paddle boards and area stronger than before now.


    Review by: from on 8/14/2017
    Best iSUP I have paddled. Easy to inflate. Tracks perfectly. Well balanced.


    Review by: from on 4/11/2017
    Patches are perfect, big enough to cut many smaller ones or of when need be, plenty of glue, amazing price.

    customer service

    Review by: from on 3/23/2017
    The customer service was outstanding but I honestly haven't used the patch kit yet though I plan to soon.

    great service

    Review by: from on 3/18/2017
    I had an issue with the board - hence no 5 star rating - but the customer rep was polite, accommodating and responsive. I would recommend buying an iSup from Tower.

    Oh, and the patches/glue kit worked like a damn.

    ISUP Patch-Works Great

    Review by: from on 11/4/2016
    Ordered a patch to repair a hole made while fishing on my paddleboard in the Fl Keys. patch worked great, no issues with the board keeping pressure.