Storage and portability is my primary concern

You are looking for portability and convenience, above all else, in a board.

Portable Stand Up Paddle Board Recommendations

Adventurer 2 - Go with a 2nd generation inflatable

We pioneered the inflatable paddle board market with our 6" thick Adventurer iSUP back in 2011, and this board represents the evolution. The Adventurer 2 has everything our original Adventurer has, but includes a few additions. There is a handy carrying handle on both the nose and rear of the board, which makes it easier to carry. There is a cargo net on the front deck to secure stuff. Lastly, as the board is about 6 inches longer and has a point nose, it's a slight bit faster and can accommodate an even larger rider. This is one of the most popular inflatable paddle boards worldwide, and the Chris Craft edition (color variation) was named the #1 SUP in the world by the prestigious Robb Report. 

The Adventurer 2 can support up to 350 lbs as it's 6" thick throughout the entire length of the board, so it really is a perfect board for almost anyone. It's lightweight and rolls up to about the size of a sleeping bag, so you can take it anywhere. 

Go with this all around inflatable paddle board


Mermaid - Add a splash of color to your paddle boarding game

The Mermaid inflatable paddle board comes in a beautiful teal and white color. It is a color variation of our popular Adventurer 2 board, one of the most popular inflatable paddle boards worldwide. Women really started embracing SUP a few years after we introduced the 6" thick inflatable paddle boards to the market, so the Mermaid iSUP was our first offering directly targeting women. Inflatable paddle boards grew from less than 1% of the SUP market to over 70% in about 5 years, and women embracing the sport for leisure and fitness was a huge part of that growth.  

The Mermaid is light enough for even kids to drag around, and it's made out of military grade PVC material so they won't damage it. When rolled up, this inflatable paddle board is about the size of a sleeping bag rolled up, so you can take it anywhere - even check it on an airplane. 

Go with this popular women's inflatable paddle board


iRace - SUP racing made accessible

SUP racing has been popular since the very early days of the paddle boarding craze, but it was always a huge hassle and expense when transporting those huge racing SUPs all over the country and the world. Inflatable racing SUPs solve that transportation problem, so it makes the sport of SUP racing accessible to pretty much anyone willing. More and more SUP racing events are including iSUP classes. The 12'6" length of our red iRace SUP is the standard racing class length. 

At 6" thick and 30" wide, this inflatable paddle board is rigid and fast without being overly tippy. Anybody looking to get into SUP racing will happy with this board, and even if you aren't racing but just was an iSUP with speed, this is a great board

Go with this fast racing stand up paddle board


Xplorer - An 8" thick grand touring inflatable

Tower was a pioneer in the inflatable paddle board market. We were prototyping 6" thick and 8" think iSUPs in 2011 when inflatable paddle boards represented less than 1% of the paddle board market. We introduced the 6" thick Adventurer board in 2012. Five years later iSUPs would represent over 70% of the market! Everyone copied our 6" thick inflatable paddle boards, but almost no brands copied our 8" thick behemoth touring board, the Xplorer because they are very expensive to construct. Trust us, it's worth the expense as doubling the thickness of iSUPs increases their rigidity by 800%. 

At 14', our Xplorer is one of our fastest boards and it can support up to 800 lbs. It's a racing SUP, a tandem board, and a great touring SUP.  

Go with this popular touring paddle board