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An all around paddle board primarily for flat water paddling

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A cross-over SUP for both surfing and fitness in flat water paddling

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A board that will be used primarily for surfing small to medium waves

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Portability and convenience, above all else. Few trade-offs

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A touring & recreational racing SUP. Also great for tandem and larger riders     

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What's Most Popular?

The ideal SUP for 95% of stand up paddle boarders can be found in these two stand up paddle board models below. Note that well over 70% of paddle boards bought today are inflatable paddle boards and this number increases every year. Seven years ago, iSUPs were less than 1% of the market, but that has all changed today as inflatable paddle boards have improved in terms of rigidity, so today there is little reason to buy a hard board SUP unless you are specifically using it for SUP surfing. 

Most Popular Hard Board

Wood Paddle Board

Wood Paddle Board 9'10"

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Most Popular Inflatable Paddle Board

inflatable paddle board

iSUP Adventurer 10'4" 

Inflatable paddle board reviews