Stand Up Paddle Board Delivery

How does my SUP board get delivered?

A Tower EPS/Epoxy stand up paddle board will ship as a board-only via our Freight company. Anything else in your order will ship separately via UPS or USPS, and will have a separate tracking number. We ship boards independently and we're one of the few in the industry to double box all of our boards so they have the best possible chance of arriving intact. Boards arriving damaged is a big issue in the stand up paddle boarding market and it makes for a disappointing customer experience, so we do everything we can to minimize it. Some companies will ship paddles with their boards which creates extra pressure points and leads to even more damage. For this reason, our paddles and all accessories ship separate.

It is important to remember that you will receive TWO tracking numbers if you order accessories with your board. Your paddles and accessories sometimes show up before your board and this will sometimes throw people off. They call us wondering if we forgot to ship their board. Understand, it just ships separately and will usually arrive only a few days later, but in better condition.

Click here for paddle board shipment tracking instructions.

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