15 Signs You Grew Up Near The Coast

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Are you in your element when covered in sand? Is your spirit animal a seagull?

Here are 15 signs you grew up near the coast.

1. To you, a vacation actually means snow.

And sweaters. And fires. Since you're from where everyone else goes to vacation, a change of scenery means something a little different to you. You’d opt for a good ski session any day.

2. Tacos are their own food group.

Who can blame you when they are just as common a sight as the sun itself? That’s not even including the fact that, truly, could there be a more versatile food item?

3. You actually refer to the Midwest as fly over states.

And the thought of a tornado scares the crap out of you.

4. The word “exotic” has nearly lost its meaning.

The term comes to lose its meaning when you’ve experienced the sand/surf/sun trifecta every day of your life.

5. Your most prominent childhood memory is the taste of salt on your skin.

…just after you crawl out of the wet surf; sand-covered and exhausted. You lay on your back, take a deep breath and lick your lips. The taste has become comforting, signifying a day well spent.

6. There’s no sound more soothing than waves.

How do people sleep with the sounds of the city or those obnoxious chirping frog machines blaring? The soft, sporadic motion of Earth’s greatest element is all you need to rest at ease.

7. You have to double-take when people say they’ve never tried sushi.

Then take them to your favorite fresh seafood spot and watch their eyes light up as they experience euphoria for the first time.

8. Your car probably has more sand in it than any other foreign matter.

It may be a good two pounds heavier than when you purchased it since its become more of a graveyard to the residual grains of sand-encrusted boards, sandals and bodies that have entered throughout the years.

9. You don’t see wearing a bathing suit as being “half-naked".

It’s kind of shocking that some people see wearing board shorts or bikinis as “half-naked". Maybe you’ve been desensitized, but to you, it’s just another outfit. And the most practical outfit at that.

10. People have to work pretty hard to make you mad.

Chances are if you're from the coast, you are naturally inclined to take things with a grain of salt (or sand!). There's just too much fun going on around you to get worked up over the small things.

11. Having a dog has never been a question.

It’s an integral part of life to have good old Fido around for the midnight beach walks, Frisbee games and early morning bonfires that have come to epitomize life.

12. You’ve been pretty confident you were going to drown at least eight times.

The way you see it, anyone who hasn’t experienced the sensation of almost drowning hasn’t lived.

13. Being a junior lifeguard during grade school was as common as being in Boy Scouts.

The Tower was way more popular than the forrest. And besides, all of your friends were looking for ways to spend more time on the beach, too.

14. Christmas doesn’t equal cold weather.

Mistletoe on the palm trees and twinkly lights on the boardwalk were the only indications that Santa was near.

15. You don’t get the big deal about palm trees.

They’re everywhere and yet tourists seem to go crazy over them, sticking them on every keychain, t-shirt and brochure they can. Most of the time, you’re just worried about a particularly large branch going rogue and hitting your Jeep.

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