5 Pieces of Super Awesome Cold Weather Gear

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5 Pieces of Super-Awesome Cold Weather Gear

There are still a few good months of winter weather left, and for certain extreme sports fanatics, and those willing to travel, winter can be a year-round experience. If you enjoy getting away from the beach lifestyle every so often and experiencing the adventure that places like Alaska, Greenland, and even Mount Everest have to offer, you’ve got to have the right gear. And while you probably know to pack your thermals and snow boots, there are a few additional pieces of awesome cold weather gear you should consider investing in.

1.) Zippo Hand Warmer

Your typical portable handwarmer has chemicals inside of it that interact to create heat that keeps your hands warm. If you’ve ever been caught in a snowdrift, these little packets can help keep your hands toasty even if the car stops working. When it comes down to it, though, they’re not good for much once the chemicals exhaust themselves. At that point, the 12-pack in the back might be the only thing to make you feel warm.

Enter the Zippo hand warmer. Zippo is synonymous with great quality lighters, but you can’t just go making a fire anywhere you want. This handwarmer, though, heats up quickly and releases warmth through a multitude of holes in the top of the device. Best part? It runs off traditional lighter fluid. Other best part? It easily fits right into your pocket. Third best part? It provides up to 12 hours of warmth.

Okay, there are actually four best parts. The last one is that you can find these online, priced for around $20 or less.

2.) Oakley O Frame Goggles

Whether you’re flying to the Alaskan tundra for a cross-country hike or driving to the epic Vail Mountain Resort to get in some snowboarding, you’re going to want a pair of goggles. If you’re anything like me, you see the name ‘Oakley’ and immediately think, “Hold on, I can enjoy a few nights out on the town with how much I’m going to spend on these.” As it turns out, though, you can snag a pair of Oakley O Frame goggles for around $70 to $90 online.

Fortunately for our buddies who didn’t eat enough carrots growing up, most Oakley goggles fit right over their glasses. For the rest of us, it’s easy enough to snap them on and go. While a pair of goggles that doesn’t do anything special might not seem like a piece of “super awesome” cold weather gear, you’re going to have to go ahead and admit that anything with the name ‘Oakley’ on it immediately makes you ten times cooler.

3.) WHAM-O Snow Trac Ball

Just because we can travel on our own and are old enough to afford beer doesn’t mean the kid inside of us has disappeared. This is where the WHAM-O Snow Trac Ball comes in. While it might not provide the exhilaration of taking chances on the slopes or the inspiration experienced when you jump out over the islands at Skydive Hawaii which is still a warm activity during the winter—you’ll definitely have fun with this snowball maker/flinger.

Its grip is perfect for gloves and you can literally throw a snowball 150 feet with the “toy.” Just remember: cops don’t care if it’s snowing outside. Don’t peg them even if you’re 100 feet away. A night in the slammer could seriously put a damper on your winter wonderland plans.

4.) Recon Snow2

Traditionally, a list of the best cold weather gear should only include one pair of goggles, but the Recon Snow2 is certainly worth bending the rules for. While the Oakleys mentioned earlier will make you look cool to everyone else, the Recon Snow2 goggles will make sure you know just how awesome you are. This is because the bottom right side of your goggles is essentially a powerful computer.

By just glancing down at the edge of your goggles, you will see your speed, the slope’s gradient, your latitude and longitude, and even maps. Additionally, it shows a map that locates your friends in real time. It will also keep track of your run’s metrics in case you want to challenge yourself or show off to friends. If none of this floats your boat, keep in mind that you can also pair it with your smartphone.

That’s right: no more freezing hands from taking off your gloves to grab your phone.

5.) Yaktrax Grips

Say you’re snowboarding at Jay Peak Resort in Vermont and decide you want to head into the small town of Jay for some coffee and that small town feeling you simply can’t find while basking in the sunshine of Southern California. The strange thing about these small northeastern areas is that the snow doesn’t stop at the edge of the resort, and if you’re not wearing the right foot gear in the winter, there’s a good chance you could bust your backside even before those beers at the local hotspot.

This is where Yaktrax Grips come in. Regardless of whether you’re wearing hiking boots or your favorite pair of Vans, these small grips fit right on the bottom of your footwear. Suddenly, it’s like you’re wearing your own pair of ice cleats. This means you’ll save space in your luggage and still be prepared if ice is covering the sidewalk and roads wherever you’re enjoying the icy weather.

There’s no way we could’ve gotten all the great cold weather gear out there, so what’s your favorite gadget, piece of gear or clothing item to stay awesome in the winter? Let us know in the comments so we can include it on our next list!

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