Eight of Today’s Hottest Surf Photographers

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With longer evenings and lighter mornings on the horizon, there's no doubt that the pull of the waves will be getting stronger. So, until you can get out there and satisfy that riding itch, why not treat yourself to some surf porn from some of the best surf photographers out there right now?

Morgan Maassen

With a whopping 263k followers on Instagram, it's safe to say we're not the only admirer of this guy's work. This California native is still only in his twenties, despite being in the photography game for well over a decade. Maassen somehow manages to capture a moment of stillness in what can sometimes be a crescendo of movement. An experienced surfer himself, he can read the ocean and be in the right place at the right time, resulting in stunning, emotive images that draw you right into his world. Go and see what we're talking about on Instagram at @morganmaassen.

Olivia Doan 

Doan, another Californian, is a freelance photographer and has been capturing gorgeous pictures since she was just eleven years old—which, in her case, is a mere four years ago. Yep, this little powerhouse is only fifteen years old, yet her ability to capture light and movement is mature beyond her years and, despite her youth, she has managed to add travels to Cabo and Hawaii to her portfolio. Watch this space because this is one gal you'll be seeing more of. See her world at @olivia.doan.

Laurent Pujol

French photographer Pujol may be well-known as a professional surfer, but it's his latest venture on the other side of the camera that has people talking now. His expertise on a board has helped him create a totally unique photography style—coined as "behind-the-surfer-in-the-tube."And even if you've never been on a surfboard in your life, you'll be swept up into the wave and get a glimpse of what it's like during that exhilarating ride! Become one with the wave @laurentpujol.

Todd Glaser

Glaser has been shooting for more than half his life now. What started off as a hobby capturing his friends has turned into a full-fledged, award-winning career shooting some of the greatest surfers to have ever ridden the waves. Not only does he capture intimate, rarely seen sides of his subjects, but his ability to bring texture and light to life makes you feel like you're right there, in the moment, with Kelly Slater or John John Florence. He's certainly a special one: @toddglaser.

Luke Shadbolt

You can practically hear Shadbolt's photography. This Australian artist has won multiple awards across the last few years, and when you see the work this guy produces, you'll know exactly why. While not all his images capture the ocean, the ones that caught our eye snare the raw brutality of nature. If you thought the sea could be a big, scary place, you ain't seen nothin' yet! Check out waves that will make your toes curl @lukeshadbolt.

Lucia Griggi

There simply aren't enough fantastic female surf photographers celebrated—and Griggi is one that absolutely needs to be recognized. This born-and-raised Brit (now living in Cali) has her roots in surfing and skateboarding, and the colorful array of stunning and vibrant imagery she produces shows her zest for life in full force. Her subject's smiles are infectious as you get caught up in their moment of adventure. See it for yourself @luciagriggi.

Ted Grambeau

Grambeau's Adventures in Light celebrates over four decades of his travels around the world. Forget fifty shades of grey; this man brings you one hundred shades of blue in every image. Out of his love of the surf life and the chase for adventure is born a myriad of crazy, exciting, and strikingly beautiful images that somehow leave you feeling like you've just dipped your head in an ice-cold bowl of water. Get refreshed @tedgrambeau.

Ray Collins 

If you think that Collins lives in the sea, you're mistaken (although the mistake is entirely understandable).He calls himself a wave whisperer, and even if you don't believe it's possible to talk to water, you may find yourself half-wondering if he may be some kind ofother-worldly being when you see the images this Aussie produces. Every instance you've ever had a wave crashing over your head will come flooding back, as you gaze into the moody unknown that he somehow catches on film. See it for yourself @raycollinsphoto.

So, who's your favorite? Is there someone that you think is outstanding, and that we must be blind fools not to have included? Let us know!

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