Minimalist Living: Less Is More

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Every day, we see more examples of people practicing minimalism and living light—from homes to sneakers to lightweight backpacking. Consumerism, however, society's antithesis to minimalism, is often able to roar more loudly than the "less is more" motto.

There is no rulebook for a minimalist lifestyle. Everyone’s vision of minimalist living is different and none are wrong. It usually begins with a conscious decision. Those living a “light life” praise the lifestyle as freeing and full of unique rewards. Once you wade through the initial discomfort, declutter your life, quiet your inner consumer and prioritize your goals, you can look forward to the following benefits:


You gain time to think and time to do when you adopt a minimalist lifestyle. When you aren’t shopping for the latest and greatest, comparing prices on Amazon or mentally comparing your stuff to others’, you have more time. It’s that simple. Consumerism takes up thousands of hours of life. When you look back on your life, did the time spent looking for that new gadget or fancy hair product really bring you happiness and lasting memories? Would an experience with friends or family have left you more satisfied?


This is a no-brainer, but once you declutter your life, you gain space. Closet space, kitchen space, floor space—it’s there, but probably hiding under years of stuff. Do you really need three soup ladles or ten pairs of sneakers? Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to play with your niece on your floor? Play a game of poker on your coffee table?

Downsizing space may also be part of your minimalist lifestyle. When you have less stuff, you need less space (which can save you money).

Money & Opportunity

If you’re buying less stuff, chances are you’re going to have more money in your pocket. Where you direct this money is up to you, and despite what we want to believe, money can lead to opportunity. You have the opportunity to travel, meet new people, or take a class. Perhaps you’ve decided to go minimalist by trading in your car for public transportation. You have now gained the opportunity to meet people, use your commute time to educate yourself, or embrace a new hobby.

Reorganization of Priorities

When you have made the conscious decision to embrace a minimalistic lifestyle, your priorities change. Life looks a little different. You have a different self-awareness. Exploration, new hobbies, and relationships take precedence. Working full time may no longer be a necessity, allowing you to organize your life in a whole new manner. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all hierarchy of priorities, but with your minimalist approach, shifts will happen.

Peace of Mind

Decluttering your living area can help declutter your mind. A less busy space can reduce anxiety and bring a sense of peace. Think about how great you feel after spring cleaning, then amplify that. You now have less to clean, organize, and simply do, freeing up your mind and evoking relaxation.

The flood of consumerism will be quieted in time. We live in a society that judges success on what you have, and not how you spend your time. It can be difficult to disassociate from this, but once you turn off the commercials of life, your mind will become calmer. Won’t that be nice? It’s important to know your “whys” and “whats” in order to be content with a minimalist lifestyle. Why are you living light? Why is it important to you? What are the rewards you’ve already experienced? What rewards are you striving for? What makes you “rich”?

These aren’t the only rewards a minimalist lifestyle grants. Since there isn’t a singular way to go about a minimalist lifestyle, everyone experiences it a bit differently.

We’d love to hear how living light has changed your life! Please click here to let us know about the benefits you’ve experienced.

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