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Far too many people don't live in the moment. They're always worried about something that happened yesterday—or something that could happen tomorrow. We've all got worries in our lives, but letting them hinder or simply occupy our minds when on an adventure takes away from the experience itself. Of course, living in the moment doesn't mean not hanging onto the memories. That's one of the reasons my GoPro is on hand for every mountain I climb, every jump I make and every moment that spikes my adrenaline. And without these GoPro accessories, those moments might not seem as amazing when I look back on them.

MOTA Wireless Charger

See photo above.

While making my way across South Africa to bungee jump off the Bloukrans Bridge, I learned a few things. First, buying grapes off the side of the road doesn't always end badly. Second, and most importantly, you're not always going to find a place to charge your GoPro when traveling across a country that is simultaneously one of the most advanced and rural.

By the time I was making the long journey back to Capetown, my GoPro was dead with no hopes of being recharged. Hence, my Facebook didn't have great pictures of baboons walking off the side of the street. The MOTA wireless charger made sure this never happened again. This power bank is water-resistant and can charge my spare battery or wirelessly get my GoPro back to full charge.

From hiking the Appalachian Trail to paragliding across America, I've never had a battery issue since. Now ... if I could just find some more monkeys staring me down from the road.

PolarPro Red Filter

Whitewater rafting is one of most adrenaline-fueled adventures you can have at sea level, and when my GoPro walked away from that day soaked but still working, I thought I was covered when it came to water activities. Then I went SCUBA diving, and my excitement for the experience dimmed a little bit when I looked at the video later.

GoPro is excellent for surface snorkeling and even shallow dives. Once you get past the 30-foot mark, though, you start to get a blue hue. After a bit of research, I found the PolarPro red filter, and I no longer have the problem. After all, what good is recording down there if you can't look back later and see that you were within 50 feet of a hammerhead you didn't notice?

Going down into the deep blue sea is one of the most spiritually-enhancing experiences you'll ever enjoy. At least now you can watch it later, just as you remember it.

GoPro Chesty

Just because I haven't mentioned any trademarked GoPro accessories doesn't mean they don't have a few that rock my world. They, along with other manufacturers, make great head straps, but do you really want to feel like you're always wearing a helmet when you're kitesurfing in Southern California, taking chances on mountainsides or simply filming a bit of the beach lifestyle with a beer in one hand and a whiskey sour in the other? Of course not.

Enter the GoPro Chesty. This chest harness goes on easily, and completely frees up your hands without the feeling of an obtrusive strap or helmet on your head. I swear, looking back at skydiving footage after using this harness will give you a more intense appreciation of what it is you just did.

And although you might feel a little silly wearing a chest harness while just walking around the beach, that beer and whiskey sour might make you care just a little less.

Tiffen Steadicam Curve

For some of us, living a life you love entails getting tossed around a bit. Whether it's because of the sudden bounce back at the end of the bungee cord or the rough terrain as you're navigating your mountain bike down a steep hill, things can get a bit shaky. If you haven't figured out how to make your videos combat this yet, the Tiffen Steadicam Curve will solve your problems.

There's a reason amateur videos can get the layperson's vertigo going but more professional recordings can make a wingsuit jump look like a calm walk through the park: professional recordings cost more and have the right software. The Steadicam can pull off the same thing simply by absorbing the shocks of your most exciting romps around the world.

The Curve produced one of the most fluid recordings I've ever taken while snowboarding. That was until I faceplanted. Still totally worth it.

GoPro the Tool

You could have all of the gadgets I've already mentioned, and it would mean nothing if the thumbscrews on one of your mounts was coming loose. Honestly, though, you can't carry a typical multi-tool around with you all the time. This is where GoPro the Tool comes in. It's a tiny little thing that can slip right into your pocket, and at under five bucks, you won't find a better accessory at a better price.

“But Curtis,” you may say, “I tightened the thumbscrews and got everything situated before leaving the house.” That may very well be, but you should still take it along. I'm not saying your tightening job isn't superb.... I'm saying GoPro the Tool can also be used to pop open a beer bottle. If you're not using it for one, it'll always come in handy for the other.

Every adventure you take is a chance to make memories while living the life of your dreams. And even if watching videos of those adventures isn't your thing, it never hurts to show off a bit for family and friends. With the aforementioned GoPro accessories, you'll be able to do that while looking like a professional videographer. And come on, that's never looked bad on a job resume. Do you have a favorite video accessory or camera? Tell us about it in the comments—we’re always looking for new ideas!

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