Pack The Perfect Beach Bag: Essentials For A Day Full Of Fun & Relaxation At The Beach

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The art of packing a beach bag can be challenging. You don't want to end up stranded at the beach without the essentials, but you also don’t want to bring too much and weigh yourself down.

Don't stress it, we've got you covered! Get ready to hit the sand with a perfectly packed beach bag, every time.

  1. Insulated water bottle: Nothing tastes better than chilled water on those scorching days, when the sun is relentless and the heat is smouldering. Plus staying hydrated on the beach is a must! Keep cool water close by and be sure to pack an insulated water bottle to quench your thirst.
  2. Beach Towel: Have you ever tried to bring a regular, old shower towel to lay out at the beach? Let's be honest, a thin layer between you and the sand that is only big enough to cover from your shoulders to your knees is just not enough fabric to keep you from turning into the sand man. Be sure to pack a big, comfy beach towel to sprawl out on. It makes all the difference!
  3. Hat: Big or small, it doesn't matter; just be sure to bring something along to shade your forehead from getting burned and your eyes from the glaring sun, and your day will be ten times better. Plus, if you end up seeing that cutie you've had your eye on, throwing on a hat is a great way to cover up a bad beach day hair-do.
  4. Healthy Beach Snacks: Of course always easiest to pack a bag of chips or pretzels to snack on at the beach. But those types of snacks can get greasy and cause the dreaded bloating you've been trying to avoid to ensure complete sexiness in your bathing suit. Instead of grabbing for these quick fixes, opt for some fresh fruit or veggies, like carrots and some nut or seed butter to keep you satisfied and looking f.i.n.e... fine!
  5. SPF Lip Balm: Nothing can be more annoying than having chapped lips and nothing to relieve the agony. Except burning your lips on top of that! Don't head to the beach without this necessity.
  6. Sunscreen: To each their own when it comes to the strength of sunscreen, but at least pack some to keep your skin moisturized from a day in the sun, wind and salty water. You never know just how strong the sun is going to be that day, so come prepared and re-apply often.
  7. Volleyball: Bring a volleyball to the beach, and be everybody's best friend. A frisbee or football are great options too, depending on what you’re in to. Nothing says beach day better than a spontaneous game that brings people together. Get your toes in the sand and play dirty. After all, if you brought the toys, you're in charge!
  8. Shades: Heading to the beach without your shades is like having tequila without salt and a lime. Need we say more? Keep in mind that these will probably fare better on your head than in your beach bag.
  9. Hair Comb: Yes, beach waves are cute, sexy and say “I don't give a f***”, but a big, massive rats nest definitely says the exact opposite. You know your hair and you know if you were blessed with those naturally perfect post-ocean curls or not. Don't try and fake it. Go ahead, throw a comb or brush in your bag... you may end up needing it.
  10. Aloe Vera: It's always a smart idea to have some aloe vera on hand. Whether you tend to burn or not, at least carry it for your fair skinned friends. It's also another great moisturizer to apply throughout your day to avoid dry, flaking skin after a swim in the ocean.
  11. Deodorant: Be nice to those around you, bring some deodorant to re-apply. Remember that you're soaking up the sun, and just like everyone else, you're going to sweat. Don't be the person no one wants to be down wind from at the end of the day. Get a travel size one to save some space and leave it in your bag for future beach trips.
  12. Book or Magazine: Soaking up some rays is the perfect opportunity to catch up on some light reading. It's time away from the usual business that is known as life. Take advantage of the quiet space and get lost in your favorite book or magazine. Since they don't take up much room, pack both!
  13. Small Bluetooth Speaker: Let the music do the talking! Connect your phone to your bluetooth speaker and enjoy the sounds of whatever station you're in the mood for. It's the perfect compliment for a lazy, relaxing day at the beach or an intense game of volleyball or Ultimate Frisbee. Check out our “Best Pandora Beach Stations” article for stations to get you in beach mode!
  14. Wallet: Cash is king and when you're at the beach, you never know if the hut selling delicious, refreshing smoothies accepts credit cards. Best to pack up a wallet with a little cash and your IDjust incase you and your buds stop to wet your whistle.
  15. Travel Size Liquor Bottles: If you don't feel like hopping into the beach front bar, bring your own party! Throw a couple travel-sized liquor bottles in your bag to sip on as the sun sets. We won't judge. After all, it's beach day!
  16. Hair Ties/Bobby Pins: Let's be honest, sometimes, hair can be unruly. On hot days, throwing your hair up in a pony is the best way to get it off your neck and the only way to tame fly-aways is with a sturdy bobby pin. It's a good idea to keep these in your beach bag permanently, you never know when a hair emergency might arise!

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