Top 10 Wakeboarding Spots in the US

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There’s nothing like the thrill of riding a wave, and it doesn’t matter if it comes from Mother Nature or from the wake of a speeding motor boat. The United States is a big place filled with wonders, including the perfect spots for heart-pounding stunts on a wakeboard.

Even if you’ve taken on the massive waves of Hawaii and Australia, wakeboarding is a unique experience. Some of the best wakeboarding waters are spread throughout the U.S., so strap on your board and add these locations to your bucket list.

Here are some of the best places in the U.S. to add to your wakeboarding bucket list. Start checking them off now.

Lake Powell

Lake Powell is one of the largest man-made lakes ever created, with almost 190 miles of the bluest water around, traversing parts of Utah and Arizona. With that much land, you won’t even notice the more than two million visitors it gets each year, mostly in the summer. The lake itself is gorgeous, with amazing scenery. There’s plenty of room to do some wild tricks without worrying about crossing wakes and other problems associated with smaller venues.

Texas Ski Ranch

The Texas Ski Ranch in New Braunfels is a wakeboarding dream come true. It’s a space dedicated to extreme sports, including some of the best wakeboarding in the world. One of the biggest hassles of wakeboarding is needing a boat, but that’s not the case at TSR. They have cables that propel you across the water and into some of the most wicked rails and ramps around. You can catch some serious air or focus on your water tricks at this state-of-the-art facility. If you want the boat experience, don’t worry. They have a lake designed for that as well. If wakeboarders have a Nirvana, then it’s Texas Ski Ranch.

Radar Lake

There are a lot of lakes on this list. Some were created by Mother Nature and others by man, but few in this world were created with watersports in mind. Welcome to the wonderful world of Radar Lake in Washington. Its water is calm and serene until your boat flies across it, creating the perfect wake. You can explore the numerous coves and inlets and never worry about overcrowding. If you love nature speeding by you, then catch some of the amazing forests and other scenery while you are spinning around in an Air Raley.

Lake Michigan

Chicago is Illinois’ largest and most iconic city with a long history of gangsters, sports and massive parties. Lake Michigan is nestled right up against the metropolitan area and is home to some very expensive boats, but the real selling point is the Chicago skyline. There aren’t too many places you can go wakeboarding on one of the largest lakes in the Midwest with towering skyscrapers right behind you. It’s the perfect place for that mid-stunt selfie—but make sure the phone’s waterproof!

Coble Ski Camp

Anyone new to the sport, who wants to get their sea legs, can travel to Coble Ski Camp in Lillington, N.C. The facility has classes and camps for all ages to learn the ins and outs of wakeboarding. It’s designed to have the best wakeboarding around, thanks to its policy of allowing only a single boat on each of its 10 private lakes. It has pristine waters and beautiful backdrops to learn wakeboarding.

Wailua River

Hawaii is known for its amazing beaches and perfect surfing, but Wailua River is ideal for anyone seeking to get away from the surf and do some wakeboarding. It’s one of the few easily explorable rivers in Hawaii, which makes it a popular destination for wakeboarders and tourists alike. It consists of a 20-mile stretch with plenty of scenery and fun stops on the way. Take a break from wakeboarding to visit the 120-foot Secret Falls and Kamokila Hawaiian Village. These are all right along the river for you to explore.

Table Rock Lake

With its glasslike surface and a reputation for awesome wakeboarding, Table Rock Lake in Missouri is a must-see on your wakeboarding trips. It’s been the home to the MasterCraft Pro Wakeboarding Competition for many years. If you visit during the summer months, the lake’s water reaches a perfect 70 degrees, so leave the wetsuit at home. This is where the pros go to wakeboard and you can join their ranks.

Lake Austin

If you’re visiting Austin, Texas, don’t forget to stop by Lake Austin to get your shred on. Lake Austin is a popular lake where you’re just as likely to spend your time partying and having fun as riding the wakes. This is a great place just to let loose and enjoy yourself without any pressure. People like the party nature of the area where fun is more important than talent.

Lake Allatoona

If you want to get tips from the pros, then grab your board and head to Lake Allatoona in Georgia. It’s home to numerous wakeboarding tours, competitions, and schools owned by world-class wakeboarders. If you’re new, and want to learn from the best, or a pro looking to add some moves to your list, then Allatoona is the place to be. It’s got some of the best wakeboarding in the world, so what are you waiting for?

Suwannee River

Wakeboard Magazine called Suwannee River’s wakeboard course a dreamland, so it’s definitely a bucket list destination. It’s also home to numerous professional competitions including the Wakeskate Pro Tour. There’s always something going on on its waters, so come out to check out the boarders or add your own expertise to the show.

Did we miss any great wakeboarding waters? Comment in the section below and let us know about your favorite spots.

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