Top 5 Outdoor Calorie Torching Activities for the Summer

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If you haven’t noticed yet, summer is finally here! You no longer have any excuse to hibernate inside with your eyes glued to the latest series on Netflix or carry around an extra layer of “warmth” or whatever you like to call your winter flab. It’s time to get outside and embrace summer while soaking up the sun and fresh air with these awesome, calorie-torching activities.

Swimming: 500-900 per hour.

Whether you choose to make this into a recreational pastime or your workout, swimming in any body of water, whether it be a lake, ocean or pool, will force your entire body to chip in. This full body workout will challenge everything from your back to your core to your hips, legs and arms. Factor in the cardio aspect and you have one fun activity that is great for weight loss and easy on the joints. Grab some buds and dive in for Marco Polo or release your inner Michael Phelps with some breaststroke laps.

Paddle Boarding: 400-550 per hour.

Spend any amount of time on a SUP and you’ll know that this is not just a fluffy alternative for surfing. Paddle boarding is a challenging cross-training type workout that will make you question any balance thought you possessed and leave you screaming “holy hammies!” the following day. While it definitely counts as a full body workout, you’ll most likely feel it in your glutes, hamstrings, core and even shoulders after a session.

Rock Climbing: 600-800 per hour.

Looking for something fun and out of the box to do outside this summer? Rock climbing is a great upper body workout -- targeting the shoulders, arms and back. Don’t worry though - your core and leg muscles won’t feel too left out. Who would have thought that scaling up the side of a rock could be such a fun killer workout?

Football: 600-900 per hour.

A casual game of football outside with friends isn’t just great for making memories, it also proves to be a great calorie burner. Most movements in football require power generated from your leg muscles -- quads, hamstrings & glutes -- to move you quickly for short periods of time. The constant start and stop of a football game, teases your body in a way that it generally wouldn’t get during a sweat session at the gym, resulting in mucho calories burned.

Cycling: 600-800 per hour.

In everyone’s perfect world, their thighs and glutes would be oh so beautifully toned. Cycling can do just that for you. Cycling demands the lower body to build strength, while still leaning out your legs. It’s also a great way to cover a lot of ground in a short amount of time, so it’s got the adventure and discovery factor too. Don’t worry, you don’t have to wear all the fancy gear to reap the benefits.

Whats your summer "go-to" calorie burner? Leave a comment and let us know!

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