Water Therapy, Anyone? Health Benefits of Beach Living

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In the 1700s, doctors would prescribe elongated stays in seawater baths to ease any malady. They didn’t know why, they didn’t know how; they just knew that something about this ritual made them feel better. Given the compromised level of personal hygiene that was the norm for most people living in the eighteenth century, this was likely nothing short of a miracle. And at a time when a mild flu could bring down even the most robust of good knights, this phenomenon must have seemed otherworldly.

It turns out floating in water draws blood to our core which invigorates the heart, allowing for fresh blood distribution and increased alertness.

So for anything from insomnia to wrinkles, consider healing your body from the inside out with some H20!

A Room With An Ocean View, Please.

In the past few years, psychological studies have been conducted to test just how far the effects of seawater go. It turns out that not only does the physical feeling of water against our bodies improve our health, but the sight of it alone helps our moods.

Researchers have found that when subjects are exposed to photographs of ocean scenery, they are more likely to offer a higher sum of money to stay at the hotel boasting that view. Other scenes tested included forests, green fields and big cities, but they did not inspire onlookers to offer any sum quite as high as the room with an ocean view.

White Noise.

If you happen to be one of the 70 million people in the world who suffers from insomnia or related sleep troubles, ocean waves may be one of the most effective ways to ease your struggles. Too much diversity in the tone and range of a sound can render it difficult to get some Z’s. But if your midnight playlist is anything like ocean waves, the limited fluctuation and frequency may just be your best friend.

Find the Fountain Of Youth.

Move over, Maybelline. Water’s health benefits seem to transcend internal well-being. Exposing skin to salt water, or more specifically salt and potassium chloride, aids in healing damaged skin more effectively than any bottled replication. Untouched seawater has also been validated by experts as a great cure for dermatitis, a common skin rash.

It also improves the elasticity of the skin, providing for a more youthful appearance and may also fight developing wrinkles.

Feel the earth’s energy.

Ever heard of a trend called "earthing"? It was coined by author Martin Zucker, who claims that walking barefoot on a naturally occurring substance like sand brings us closer to the energy of the earth and provides for a measurably elevated sense of well-being. It makes sense when you consider the fact that we have more sweat glands and nerve-endings per square centimeter on our feet than any other body part.

Habits like walking without shoes on the beach will, if nothing else, contribute to muscle stimulation: walking on sand can require up to 2 times the energy than on a stable surface!

Which of these benefits is most useful to you? Do you know anyone who has been significantly rehabilitated by a beach lifestyle? Is there a benefit we didn’t cover here?

Let us know below!

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