Tower 14 Xplorer Inflatable SUP

Inflatable Racing Paddle Boards - Xplorer 14' (Board Only) (BD-TWR-EXP-14)

4.77 stars, based on 30 reviews
NOTE: This is just the board. You will need a pump to inflate. SUP paddles sold separately, as well. Or buy this board in a complete iSUP package. Inflatable Racing Paddle Boards: Tower Xplorer Includes a 14' by 32" by 8" inflatable SUP, a high-end...
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14' xplorer

Review by: from on 3/27/2014
My husband got this board for Christmas so that we more easier take a board with us on vacation cause it's difficult at a hotel unless you are on the first floor. We'll winter has been tough and we started out the spring on a vacation in Florida. The inflatable was great to transport down in the car. We didn't have the instructions with us and called Tower and they quickly called and emailed them to my phone. Worked great. And when I finished we threw it on top of the car and drove back to the resort. We were on the second floor and surprisingly enough did have much trouble getting it up the exterior stairs to our room. Couldnt have done that even with a shorter12 ft epoxy board.

It look like the board is going to meet our needs. Definitely a good purchase. Tower staff really helpfully

Almost 2 years, it is great.

Review by: from on 3/30/2016
I bought this inflatable 14'almost two years ago. I wanted something we could take when we travel and that could easily accommodate two adults.

I can sit in the front and my wife can stand in the rear and paddle. She has much better balance. Our kids can use it in the ocean, there has been four teenagers playing on it. No problem holding them all.

I just recently bought the black one, that too is a great addition, and works well for me.

I am a big fan of Tower, and I love the boards so much that I own a three of them.

Amazing board

Review by: from on 9/29/2017
Can't say enough positive things about this board. It's stable, smooth, fast - a pure delight. I always leave it inflated and throw it on the car. Works great. Arrived with a few nicks on the side decals and foot top foot pad, but nothing that effects the experience. Highly recommended.

Excellent, highly recommended

Review by: from on 8/26/2013
My wife and I love these boards. They are perfect for people without room to store large rigid boards. We paid for 3-day shipping; Tower did everything right and shipped promptly, but UPS really messed up our order and refused to reimburse us. I hope they start using a different shipping company.

Excited to start Xploring

Review by: from on 11/28/2013
So satisfied with our Tower Adventurer ... which is why I've now bought a Tower Xplorer. Since both are inflatable, it's no problem to throw these in the trunk and take a friend or the kids now. Inflatable is the way to go for my family.

I can only say that the Adventurer is pretty thick which the kids may have problems with climbing onto from the water. other than that, fantastic board!

Fast shipping, Faster board

Review by: from on 6/10/2016
I've ridden write a few different boards of different sizes and styles. This one was my instant favorite.

Finally a board I can enjoy!

Review by: from Florida and Ohio on 4/26/2018
I'm 6'2" and a long-waisted 224lbs. I'm also a paddle board beginner. Because I'm an experienced kayaker, I thought SUP would be easy. However, with a lot of weight up high, previous boards I've owned that were supposed to be OK left me feeling like I was balancing on a log. After a few minutes I'd be exhausted because of the constant balance challenges. The 14' Explorer has changed all that. Finally, I'm able to balance, relax and begin to enjoy SUP. I first tried it this past week in Florida and it was pure fun. It tracked very well and friends who tried it noticed how well it glides compared to their own shorter hard boards. I was paddling in light breezes in relatively calm water. It was very stable. It has great primary and secondary stability. Once inflated it felt rock solid. I also purchased the Tower electric pump which worked like a champ. It was about 15 minutes to full inflation and about 5 minutes to full deflation. I also opted for the carbon/kevlar 3-piece paddle which made paddling a pleasure. So glad I've finally got a board that fits me. Finally, the Tower staff were great to work with.

Good board

Review by: from Spokane wa on 7/5/2018
Bought this board for myself, I weigh 360lbs and it's a little wobbly but it's also my first time using one. Still didn't fall in!

Great Board

Review by: from on 5/13/2016
I really likely new 14' Touring SUP. I found it very stable and easy to paddle. I had no problem getting back on when I went into the water. My only con is that it does not have a cargo net pre-installed. I knew it didn't have the net before I bought it so its really not a complaint.

Great board!

Review by: from on 2/4/2013
This board is fun to ride and feels really fast.

Great for Big Dudes!

Review by: from on 7/7/2016
I'm 6'-4", 280lb, and have had trouble finding big enough rental boards to handle me when I'm on vacation. Not anymore. I'll be using this when travellng, and at home. Took it to the lake this weekend, and it was very stable. This monster takes a little effort to turn, but tracks very well due to its length. Expect to make new friends. I was approached by several people, one person was interested in buyng one, and took a picture of the brand & website script on the board. Maybe Tower will send me some swag for marketing...(?). Anyways, so far, so good with the purchase. Fast, and free shipping is a definite plus. Good customer service. I had a few questions answered online before buying, and that was helpful. It would be good if they had a rollng travel duffle that was big enough to handle it, and that hopefully stays under the airline dimension limits. I'm researching, and shopping for that magic combo. Can't comment on durability yet, but it seems very sturdy.

great paddleboard!

Review by: from on 7/29/2013
Love it! 2 people fit easily on board, but better if 1 person sits. Highly portable - we took it in our checked luggage. It was tough to find a bag to put it in, but will make one for it. Very fast and stable.

Great product - frustrating shipping process

Review by: from on 12/8/2014
I recently bought my second Tower iSUP. The first time I made the purchase through Amazon. We enjoyed it so much that second. This time though I made the purchase of my second board directly from Towers site. Even though AE (or Armed Forces Europe) was a shipping location choice they later explained that they could not ship to an FPO AE address (presumably because they only use UPS as USPS and FedEx both deliver without issue) and would only ship to an intermediate location leaving me to pay USPS shipping from there to the FPO address. $100 extra out of my pocket not appreciated.

So, if you are looking for an inflatable SUP I cant recommend the Tower board enough the product considered alone is five-stars. However, if you are military/Gov stationed overseas dont buy from Towers site but jump over to Amazon. The weight and dimensions of the packages are well within the limits.

Great product but room to improve

Review by: from on 5/31/2016
Best isup ever, but it would be perfect if it had a couple more d-rings and bungee storage like the adventure, you need the storage as in most places you have to have a life vest and most of us would love a place for a bottle of water

Great value and build quality

Review by: from on 7/25/2016
I'm 350 pounds on a light day. This board is rock solid and stable on this lake and handles well in 1'-2' chop. Took a bit getting used to how high off the water it is, and have to be close to shore to climb back up. Soft to the touch on the deck pad. Next step is to strap a cooler to it for longer adventures. Not too big either, my wife had this strapped to roof rack just as fast as her 9 footer.

Happy River Boy

Review by: from on 7/16/2013
I bought the 14 foot Xplorer because I live in Western Oregon and I use the Willamette River as my Gymnasium.

The river has a current but, in the mid Willamette Valley, it's not enough to stop the Xplorer.... I paddle upstream on my knees and then the fun starts... downstream, standing, Blue Herons, Beavers, all my best friends witness the agility and speed of this really fine inflatable board. I couldn't be happier and I can't tell you how well it does on mountain lakes,,,, you don't even get your feet wet,,, although sometimes,,, I want to. This is a great purchase and I love this board...

Love my new board

Review by: from on 5/13/2017
Thank you so much for this gorgeous board! I had a smaller 10.8' foam paddleboard before but because of my weight I had a hard time balancing on it. I was nervous that an inflatable board wouldn't be as sturdy as a hard board but after reading some of the reviews and given that the weight limit is so high, I decided to go ahead and order the Xplorer 14' inflatable board. I take it out to the lake at least 2-3x/week and get so many compliments on it! Even though I have a truck, I love that I can just roll the board up and throw it in the back seat rather than tying it down in the truck bed. I am still learning to paddle but I can't say enough about how sturdy this board is! I am considering getting one for my boyfriend now also! Thanks Tower:)

Made well but....

Review by: from on 8/26/2016
Not as stable as I thought it would be in the ocean (very small waves). It is too light and the 8" height makes it easy to blow around and very difficult (near impossible) to get back on if you slip off. Best to stick to calm water and no wind blowing.

smooth ride

Review by: from on 4/9/2014
I own both the adventurer and the Xplorer. I do yoga on the board and did my initial learning on the adventurer. I bought the Xplorer because needed another board better for racing, to eventually have my 110 pound dog join me in paddling and to have someone paddle with me while I train. I took the Xplorer and the Adventurer boards on the choppy waters of Lake Lanier. The Xplorer has very little wake and is very quiet on the water even when the water is rough. I do have to stand a little forward to keep the nose flat because the board is so long. The Xplorer board is a lot faster than the adventurer, but I do not feel I give up any stability with it. The only negative is that the three piece paddle provided with the board package is too short for anyone 5 feet 8 inches and taller, due to the depth of the board being 8 inches (the maximum length of this paddle is even shorter than the one piece uncut paddle provided with the adventurer package which is only a 6 inch depth).

So much fun!

Review by: from on 6/22/2016
We are so happy with our paddleboard. It is everything we expected it to be and more!

You won't regret buying this.
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