Tower 14 Xplorer Inflatable SUP package

Xplorer iSUP Package - 14' (BD-TWR-EXP-PKG)

4.80 stars, based on 55 reviews
Introducing the 14' Tower Xplorer SUP Package Includes a 14' by 32" by 8" inflatable SUP, a 3-PC Aluminum Paddle, a high-pressure SUP pump, and a high-end Tower branded diamond grooved deck pad, a standard longboard fin box with a removable center...
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My favorite board!

Review by: from on 7/3/2013
The Tower Xplorer is the very first SUP board I have ever owned. It's not only my favorite but quickly becomes everyone's favorite after comparing other boards! You're high enough off the water to stay dry and the board is very stable - it can hold 2 people easily! It takes me 8 minutes to inflate it. Deflating and rolling it up to pack away in my trunk takes just minutes! The paddle is excellent quality and though I also purchased a carbon paddle, this lightweight aluminum paddle is all anyone

really needs. So happy with this purchase!

My New Boat Tender / FUN MACHINE!

Review by: from on 7/11/2013
THIS THING IS GREAT! I'm the "first kid on the block" with this. Lots of looks; & it is very stable - especially for a big guy +250, & you can still take wife or friend. It floats 600lbs! thats more than my 8' boat dingy.

As a tender: It tracks well behind and to side of boat at low to moderate speeds. When I want to go fast: I put it on its side, support from middle and ends, and hang off starboard rail, out of water; So light @ 40 lbs I have to remember it's there.

As Fun Machine: When you want to jump in water & cool down, tether it to boat & it's your island. Loads of Fun. Thanks Tower!

overall good, could be better

Review by: from on 7/16/2013
We received the board with no manual and had to figure out how to attach the fin and pump. We still are not able to use the pump properly even after reviewing the manual emailed to us. We were going to return the board due to how heavy and hard to carry it is but we decided to keep it. It general we like the board we just wish the pump and paddle were better quality. Also, the "T"in tower fell off the board the first day.

Perfect Board for Me!

Review by: from on 2/19/2015
After learning to SUP on Kauai in 2010 I have been waiting a long time to get my own but don't have the space in the garage nor the vehicle that can transport a board. I was skeptical about an inflatable but finally got a chance to try one at a recent paddling event and I was blown away by the speed and comfort of the Explorer. When my board arrived it was just as described and it took only 8 minutes to inflate it to 12 psi and I couldn't be happier. Just wish we had some warm weather now (Ohio) so I could get on the water already but thanks to Tower's recent Black Friday sale I am a proud iSUP owner!

Pretty awesome

Review by: from on 3/6/2014
I love this board. It is definitely hard to pump up but worth the trouble. I am a big guy and worried it would turn into a taco when I tried to stand on it. When it was fully inflated I was pretty impressed with how rigid it was. Its amazing on the the water. It feels super stable and is quit comfortable to just lay on and float for a while.

I did get a different paddle as the aluminum one was a bit heavy for my tastes. I also purchased some of the d-rings so I could lash stuff to the front of my board. It's a long trek to get to to it though. This board is so long!

All in all I am extremely happy with the Xplorer. It is easy to control and very stable, even for larger paddlers.

Quick and painless

Review by: from on 3/22/2017
We live in Saudi Arabia, so it's not very often that you buy something and it ships and shows up in less than a week with no problems. My husband loves his board and we are grateful that the shopping experience was so easy.

SUP Package

Review by: from on 8/1/2013
Having a great time with the board, gets a lots of attention on the water!!

Paddle sinks like a rock, had to add foam to keep it afloat.

Pumping up board is getting old, four or more times per week.


Review by: from on 6/24/2013
Unbelievable shipping speed! Ordered on Monday and was paddling on Wednesday!!!

Great first iSUP--I really can't get enough water time.

I will definitely be ordering another board soon.

Thanks for a great product, great shipping and a great company!!!!

Transaction Experience with 14' Xplorer

Review by: from on 4/18/2013
We bought the 14' Xplorer during the "pre-buy" sale. We bought it in December, and Tower said they expected to ship in March. Having never bought from Tower before, it kind of felt risky, but the price was attractive. As promised, the SUP shipped in March, and arrived in the first week of April. The packaging was impressive, no visible damage at all. We haven't even inflated it yet as the weather is so poor we aren't in the mood. However, based on the packaging, and the quality appearance of the materials, I expect everything to be fine.

Update to Previous Review

Review by: from on 7/12/2015
Well Ohio finally has some decent weather and I was able to really give the board a try and I love it! I added 4 D-Rings to it for a bungee storage area and place my dry bag with wallet/phone/keys and sunscreen, etc and am good to go.

I also bought some more D-Rings so I can add a Kayak seat but haven't done that yet because I just love standing up too much. My wife kayaks while I SUP and I can keep up with her pretty well on this beast and I've found that now that my technique is improving I can turn this thing on a dime if I need to.

Love Tower so much that we ended up buying an Adventurer so that we have an extra board to take out with friends and I will probably add the D-rings to it too.

We love our new 14' Xplorer

Review by: from on 6/6/2016
I received my 14' Xplorer stand up paddle board just in time to our Mermorial day getaway to Palm Island Resort in Florida. Once we had it and our Adventure 2 board inflated we strapped them on golf carts and went to the far end of the island.

Our group included four adults and three kids who all had a blast learning to paddle board. The Xplorer was large enough for 3 kids our an adult and 2 kids to share.

We had a great time and made some great memories together. I know we will get plenty of times to enjoy our boards in Florida and plan to take them to the Keys this summer.

I would highly recommend Tower stand up paddle boards to anyone like owing for BIG fun on the water!


Review by: from on 8/30/2016
Great ISUP.

Xplorer 14'

Review by: from on 1/10/2017
LOVE this board. Sarah made an excellent recommendation in upgrading to this board for me and my 90 pound dog. Super stable even when he's moving about and changing position. He loves it, I love it--couldn't be happier with the purchase!

Xplorer iSUP Package - 14

Review by: from on 8/11/2016
Board is great. I am a 300lb guy and it is stable as anything under me.

A little disappointed that it did not come with a tether. I paid for express shipping and it took over a week to arrive. Also was surprised by an additional $130 invoice to have it cross the USA Canada border. But the board is great.

Xplorer iSUP Package - 14'

Review by: from on 9/8/2016
I purchased my 14' Xplorer inflatable based on online reviews. I wanted a board that could be paddled tandem and/or carry me (230 lbs) plus a couple of my kids.

The board is exactly what I wanted and works perfectly. It shipped quickly and arrived with everting I needed. It appears to be very well constructed and durable. It packs up small and is light enough to handle easily. It paddles very straight and effortlessly and paddles well with two or even three people. It also makes a great swim impromptu platform. The board is rigid enough for a heavy paddler but soft enough that kids falling on/off it will not get injured. Overall I?m very happy with it.

The minor drawbacks are that it?s somewhat hard to get the last few PSI in (kids would find it hard) and because it?s thick, it?s probably slightly more susceptible to wind. But for bigger paddlers, it?s perfect.

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