2-Piece Adjustable Carbon Fiber SUP Paddle by Tower Adjustable Carbon Fiber SUP Paddle by Tower

2-Piece Adjustable Carbon Fiber SUP Paddle by Tower (PDL-TWR-ADJ)

4.80 stars, based on 10 reviews
The Tower Adjustable Ultralight Carbon Fiber SUP paddle ranges from 69.5" to 86.5". This is a huge advantage for families that want a high quality paddle without breaking the bank on multiple paddles. The streamlined adjustable clasp allows users...
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Beatific Smiles - SUPing 4 Miles & Miles & Miles!

Review by: from on 6/2/2016
I've bought & worked through the karma of two of these paddles, which are the BEST length for really tall humans. (Sorry, they're too short fo Giraffes.) TOWER paddles are built with excellent quality fittings, a solid shaft, & well-formed precision blades. Unfortunately, I had issues with my 3rd one. These things happen, yes -- and too often these days you're just stuck. Not here! Here the customer service professional stepped right up, offered terriffic support & help ... & resolved this challenge to my satisfaction. Now I KNOW. For sure, I will buy paddles from Tower again. And again. And again. Did I say I am satisfied? Well, I'm glad! I dig Tower SUP. They don't just profess to be professionals -- they live it, they love it, & it shows in their smiles & their customer respect & service & I hope they keep paddling for me & you & your grandchildren too. Shaka Tower!

Beautiful Lightweight Paddle

Review by: from on 4/26/2017
The only reason it doesn't get five stars is that it feels like the blade doesn't move as much water as my original 3 piece aluminum paddle from my other Tower board, I haven't compared them side by side but I think the surface area is smaller on this paddle.

Carbon Fiber Paddle

Review by: from on 5/23/2016
Love it.

Carbon Fiber paddle

Review by: from on 9/5/2017
super light, but stiff, and adjusts easily for size

Great Paddels

Review by: from on 3/12/2016
The perfect paddle for us. We like that we can adjust them, it comes in handy for storage and travel. Also, when you have friends use them, they can adjust easily for their height.

Great Product

Review by: from on 5/30/2016
Great product, great service.

Must have paddle

Review by: from on 1/6/2016
Being 6'6 brought me to this paddle. It is VERY light and cuts through the water with little effort. Well worth the cost. A must have for tall riders and for people concerned about the weight of a paddle.


Review by: from on 6/21/2017
very pleased. light, good quality. we love it.

Paddle stronger

Review by: from on 6/9/2016
The adjustable length feature is the easiest I've ever seen. Love it! This is my first carbon fiber paddle and I didn't realize how easily it would develop little chips in the paddle's edge...just by getting jostled around in my vehicle to and fro. I should have ordered a protective cover. I'm a smaller person and I also appreciate the smaller diameter in the hand drips, it's much easier to grip than the 2-Piece metal paddle that comes in the iSUP Package.

You need one of these!

Review by: from on 3/24/2017
I have purchased 4 tower inflatable boards/packages and recommend tower to everyone I know and talk to. The paddles that are include in the package are excellent quality & value (no regrets, hesitation or reservation).

If you want to up your game, go a little faster, further, lighter... this paddle is a MUST. You will not be disappointed by the stroke efficiency, construction, speed and pure joy.
Reviews 1-10 of 10