Paddle Board Paddle - 3-Piece Carbon Kevlar paddle board paddle

Paddle Board Paddle - 3-Piece Carbon Kevlar (PDL-TWR-CK-3PC)

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Paddle Board Paddle Tower's 3-piece carbon/Kevlar SUP travel paddle presents an tremendous blend of strength, flexibility, and durability in a beautiful stand up paddle. The green, black, and yellow look of the paddle is without a doubt a head...
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3 Piece Kevlar/Carbon paddle

Review by: from on 6/25/2017
Exceptional paddle that takes little room but is VERY well made and I have 100% confidence in - not only for the paddle board (it is great) but for any circumstance that might need a paddle. I'm carrying it on my small engineless sailboat so I can stand and paddle on one side and steer with the rudder - MUCH more practical and efficient than a canoe paddle! It works great.


Review by: from on 3/4/2016
It's great for what it is. It breaks down to be easily transported, it's light, it's adjustable, it's comfortable in your hand. BUT it wiggles in the water. The paddle section wiggles. I asked if it was normal, and if two (as opposed to one)buttons would make it more stable. I didn't get an answer to that question. I'll only use it when I travel.


Review by: from on 4/8/2017
Very impressed

Great paddle

Review by: from on 6/7/2017
Have been using the aluminum paddles provided with the inflatable packages for a few years and finally decided to invest in some better equipment.

This paddle is lighter, seems like it displaces more water and thus able to propel the board more/faster with each stroke. The handle is much more comfortable in the hand with the added padding. The latch used to adjust the paddle length I find easier to adjust than the almuninum paddles and stays secure throughout your session. All around good paddle and happy with the purchase.

Nice paddle, not cheap

Review by: from on 8/21/2016
The paddle is nice, good finish, fairly light and easily adjustable. It is not cheap and you can probably find a similar quality paddle at the same price somewhere else. But this is a nice paddle. Get this instead of the standard paddle, it is much a much nicer paddle.


Review by: from on 8/22/2016
Very good experience on my recent purchase of two paddles.


Review by: from on 7/15/2016
Sweet paddle! It make the paddling much more enjoyable...

Stellar paddle

Review by: from on 8/28/2017
Light, great catch, and cool looking as well!!
Reviews 1-8 of 8