Turquoise 104" Adventurer 2 Package - Special Edition

Women's Paddle Board - 10'4" Mermaid (iSUP Package) (BD-TWR-TURQ-WHT-PKG)

4.76 stars, based on 21 reviews
Introducing the Tower Mermaid Inflatable SUP This iSUP package includes a hand pump and a 3-piece fiberglass paddle. If you already have a paddle and/or pump, you can buy this paddle board by itself. Board specifications: 10'4" by 32" by 6"...
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This Mermaid is very happy with her Mermaid board

Review by: from London on 7/19/2018
I am more than happy with my new mermaid board and just took it away on a 3 day Colorado adventure.


Review by: from Sonora, Ca on 7/3/2018
Board handled very well. Very well constructed. Light weight. Would recommend to anyone.

best purchase ever!!

Review by: from NY on 7/11/2020
I have wanted a SUP for a few years now but I was really on the fence about what brand and type of board I wanted. After some STRONG reviews from friends, I ended up getting an inflatable SUP. I was a little nervous with the inflatable quality but you can't even tell! Plus you have so much more flexibility with travel. I don't need a rack or anything like that. It takes 5-8 minutes to inflate/deflate and I throw it right in the back of my mini cooper! I can literally drive to any body of water and be on it in 10 minutes happy as can be. It has saved my life during this Covid isolation.

Oh and it arrived in like 4 days from ordering!

Thank you TOWER!

Exceeds All Expectations

Review by: from Southern IL on 5/26/2019
After discovering how much I love stand up paddle boarding last summer, I did LOTS of research to make sure I was buying one that I would be completely satisfied with. I finally decided on the Tower brand, after speaking with someone who knew more about what to look for in an iSUP. He explained to me about the high quality construction and extra features included on the Tower boards that make the experience so much more enjoyable. I purchased the Mermaid iSUP package as well as the eclectic air pump. It is super easy to inflate/deflate and transport. My first day on the lake was absolutely perfect. I could not have hoped for a better experience. I can not wait to have more adventures and get more people in the Midwest interested in purchasing a Tower inflatable SUP, so I can share the love of the sport. Thanks so much for the best experience imaginable!

First board, no regrets

Review by: from Cranbrook B.C. on 12/5/2019
Right time right place right board. Exactly as expected.

We have now had the board for three seasons. Have loved the board.

No failings, no damage, no problems. All At the price of a REALLY inexpensive board. The value of the board alone, was great.

Keep in mind, the board has earned the 5 star rating, above and beyond the complaints below.

Unfortunately. The pump, has been problematic from the beginning. The gauge, when threaded 100% sits at 45 degrees, 1/2 covering one of the handles. This half covered handle, causes blisters when used.

The flutter valve on the pump, has failed. Note to all this valve can be replaced with a "red paddle co valve" Keeping it in operation.

The Pump seats very poorly onto the board, I found, un-threading right to the point of disconnect, prevented an air leak, and making the pump and board usable.

I would also hazard to claim, a huge number of users, will never pump this board to 15 psi, with the included pump.

The paddle, exactly what would be expected given the price point of the board.

Make mo mistake, it is a budget package, but with a great board.

Not sure if I wrote a review before. But as the seasons pass, I am more impressed with the board each year.

Hate the pump more each year,

and look forward to buying a better paddle.

Good and bads

Review by: from Georgia on 8/27/2018
Just got it a little over a month again and the gauge for my pump wouldn't let me know exactly how much air it was putting in cause it would start at like 12 PSI, and at first they were gonna make me order another which would've been about 22 and thankfully since I hadn't had it long, they sent me a new one for free. Well Saturday, I was paddling and my friend noticed there was a hole in my board.. sucks! Air bubbles were shooting all

Into the water. I prob would've never seen it but eventually would've known lol.


Review by: from 92211 on 12/2/2019
Delivery was so speedy and my granddaughter is thrilled beyond belief

High quality and stylish

Review by: from Cardiff By The Sea on 8/23/2020
Buying a Tower paddleboard for my sister was a no brainer when she said she wanted an inflatable SUP her birthday. I have SUPed on both Tower boards and noninflatable paddleboards and am always impressed by the quality, stability and look of Tower's inflatable boards...plus they are easy to store and transport!

iSUP mermaid from Tower

Review by: from PA on 8/20/2018
I received the board quickly after ordering, even after changing my initial order. The person I communicated with was very helpful and the transaction was smooth. I've had the board out twice now in somewhat windy conditions on Lake Erie. Both times the board was relatively easy to inflate, taking just about 10 minutes from car to lake including assembling all of the various parts and getting the life vest situated. My only complaint so far is that it seems to sit more on top of the water rather than cutting through it like a traditional "hard" board does, which causes the steering to be a bit more tricky. I'm certain that with practice this will become a non issue, as I truly am a novice. I used a traditional SUP less than a handful of times that a friend had at the beach. Overall, I'm pleased with my purchase.


Review by: from Hudson, WI on 8/24/2018
Used this for the first time up north at the lake last week. It worked great. I got so many questions about it from others at the resort. They couldn’t believe it was an inflatable. Hope to use it a few more times before the weather turns cold, but can’t wait to use it more next summer.

Love it!

Review by: from on 5/27/2019
Came just as described and on time. Just spent 3 days using it on a lake, and I love it! Just what I was hoping for. Very durable, easy to inflate, and sturdy. It’s going to be a great summer!

Love my new ISUP!

Review by: from Queen Creek AZ on 5/28/2018
Great board, great price! I love how it handles even with my 65lb sup pup on it!

Love them!

Review by: from Oregon and Hawaii on 5/31/2018
We bought 2 new paddle boards and the electric pump. These are boards 3 and 4 for us and we enjoy them so much. Just got tired of packing them back and forth on the plane so bought another set to leave in our tropical home.

Love this Board!

Review by: from Tampa, FL on 6/9/2019
I did a lot of research on boards and landed on Tower. If Mark Cuban backed them, must be good, right?? My husband was very skeptical on whether or not an inflatable board would hold him and a kid, but he was impressed the first time he took it out with him an out 8yo. When inflated, it feels just like a regular board! When deflated, it easily fits in the back of my Prius. We will be buying another!

Love this inflatable SUP!!

Review by: from Georgia on 7/9/2018
I decided on the inflatable version of an SUP for easier transportation as it takes up much less space as well as the weight as I may want to take it out on my own. I was blown away. It is very easy to carry, either inflated or not and easy to inflate and deflate. It is very durable and stable in the water. Have only used it in flat lake water so far. The color of the mermaid board is beautiful.

LOVE this Mermaid ISUP!

Review by: from PA on 8/14/2018
Purchased the Mermaid ISUP package for my 16 year old daughter and we LOVE IT! She had just a little bit of trouble with the first inflate (thought the hand pump wasn't registering the PSI, but it did - just like everyone says "just keep pumping"). The board is beautiful - love the color and stability. Customer Service Department is wonderful - I had received a discount code after purchase, and they applied it without any problem at all! Just an overall great experience with the company and product. HIGHLY recommend Tower!

Mermaid isup

Review by: from on 1/10/2019
Impressive board! Was skeptical about inflatables, but after pumping it up, way super cool, rugged and well built, strong and good looking. I got it for my wife, and she loves it way more than her last board. Will definitely buy another soon.

Mermaid SUP review

Review by: from Harwood, MD on 7/15/2018
Love love love my new Mermaid board. It’s comfortable on my feet and so easy and light to transport. Best decision I’ve made this year. Getting in much needed exercise and stress relieving time on the water. Thank you for such a great product.

quality ease and excellent customer service

Review by: from NJ on 8/17/2018
I wanted to start to paddle board but didn't want to invest a ton of money nor did i want a cheap pool float. This board was high quality easy to inflate and deflate ( Hint: dont go for 15 psi lol) and was so much fun. I felt like i was on a solid board, my family could not believe it was an inflatable. My first experience was in choppy waster and the larger center fin helped me to steer far better than if I had the typical small fins of other boards. Dealing with the company itself was a great experience and they provided insight and answered any questions. I woudl always buy from Tower. The mermaid color is very pretty and the bungee cords helped to hold my dry pack securely, i never felt off balance due to the extra weight and cargo up front. If you are debating on a brand .. Tower is it!

The Mermaid Paddle Board was the perfect gift!

Review by: from on 8/28/2020
I bought the Mermaid battle board for my wife and she loves it! It was easy to setup and easy to blow up. The size is just right for her to maneuver.
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