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Tower Classic 10'6" Stand Up Paddle Board (BD-TWR-CLSC-106)

4.83 stars, based on 46 reviews
A beginner-friendly flat water SUP, yet one that won't hold you back as you progress in the sport. An ideal cross-over designed for flat water, yet is surf friendly in up to 4-5 foot waves. This 10'6" board is THE one hard board that will work for...
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10'6 Classic

Review by: from on 8/5/2016
This was my 5th Tower board purchase

2 for Colorado, 3 for Florida

The product/value is superior,

only exceeded by the purchase experience

Sarah was awesome

Extremely happy customer


10ft Classic SUP

Review by: from on 9/20/2016
This is our second purchase. It arrived damaged in transit. I sent 3 photos to the customer service email address with heading"received damaged in transit". Within2 days the trucker called to pickup the damaged unit. Within3 days a new board was shipped and it arrived 1 week later in perfect condition. No Fuss, no muss. Customer service is proactive and calls me to work out any details, logistics and creates a sense of making me an important customer. That's why I purchased a second board a year later. Pretty impressive company!

5 stars

Review by: from on 8/1/2016
This paddle board is crafted just right for the beginner. It is very stable and once mastered,it is very maneuverable in the water.

I have to say the communication with Tower staff is awesome!

Arrived 2 weeks late and wasn't the color I expected

Review by: from on 7/30/2018
The paddle board I ordered was supposed to arrive in 7-14 days (freight shipping) but after 17 days it still hadn't showed up. I contacted Tower to ask about the delay and after 2 more days of waiting for a reply they informed me that the board had been damaged during shipping. While they were apologetic and accommodating, I was a bit annoyed that no one bothered to inform me about the damaged board until I contacted them. They sent a replacement but I had to wait another 2 weeks for it to arrive.

Strangely, the board that arrived was blue and black instead of black and white like the website's picture indicated. I'm not sure why the color didn't match the photograph but its possible that I missed a setting while ordering.

The board functions fine but had I known about the issues with freight shipping and color ahead of time, I likely would not have purchased the item.

Awesome board

Review by: from on 5/27/2016
I did my fair share of research on a perfect board, this one was cheap, good quality, awesome design and on shark tank, they have to be good right? Yep! Awesome, the best quality and all my friends wish they had ordered their boards through Tower! Thanks a lot! Keep your prices low and quality awesome!

Best deal in the SUP market

Review by: from on 12/10/2015
DISCLAIMER: I'm the founder of Tower. This is a fairly new product so there aren't that many reviews in here yet, so I thought I would add my insight.

At $499, this is truly an incredible deal on a quality made, stylishly designed, clear-coat finish SUP. Don't let the price fool you. We can sell so inexpensively, because we sell direct. A board of this quality would cost over $1000 in retail. On the quality front, this board is top quality. Our lead shaper from San Diego is currently living in our Chinese factory for the next six months overseeing all production - that's how much we care about quality. I encourage you to shop around to try to find a better deal anywhere.

Best Priced Board for Tower : Top Quality

Review by: from on 4/12/2016
I am super excited about this purchase.

I do a lot of paddling and sup yoga. I have invested tons of money in equipment. Since my husband just now started showing a stronger interest, I wanted to get him something BUT not spend two grand on a board he MIGHT NOT like or use. After months of research, it looked as though TOWER was my best option. This turned out to be a GREAT decision.

First off - for $500 + freight I expected some guy named Bob, in jeans and a BB cap, to drop it off in his pick up truck!!! INSTEAD my hubbies board came packaged beautifully and professionally wrapped in highest quality cardboard and shipping supplies. The delivery was set by appointment and in advanced so I can prep for the Large Package. The driver was extremely friendly and very helpful.

Upon opening the board, I was happy with the quality and durability and my husband loves the simplicity.

So THANKS TOWER - We are looking forward to long summer lake days and fabulous beach weekends. Cheers!

Best Summer Purchase

Review by: from on 5/23/2016
My husband and I each purchased a board after lots of research. We use them in the salt marshes and inner coastal waterways of Charleston, SC. Neither of us had any experience previously but we were both able to stand up immediately and haven?t looked back. These sturdy boards have been loaded in and out of our truck bed, on top of my Nissan Pathfinder, dropped, dragged through rocky oyster beds and concrete areas of boat docks, and haven?t made a mark. I am 5?8, 115lbs and the board is perfect. My husband is 6'2, 220lbs and it holds him without effort as well. We have a 5yr old daughter who is 45lbs and she sits on the front of his traction pad, safe and sound, even going against the choppy outgoing tide and small wakes of passing boats. That?s 265lbs on one board and still going strong. We love our Towers boards and promote them to everyone who asks. There are many other boards out there but none that offer the same combined benefits these do for a great price.

Boards and equipment

Review by: from KCMO on 7/2/2018
We got our board last week and hit the lake on Saturday. We are so thrilled with the boards!! They are perfect for the lakes around here! LOVE THEM!

Classic 10.6 SUP

Review by: from on 4/8/2017
Great second Tower board as I own an Explorer 14 also. The Classic is super lightweight and very quick as well. I am 68 but very active and love new water sports challenges...kayaking for 35 years but relatively new to SUP.

Classic 10'6 w/ paddle

Review by: from on 10/5/2016
I looked at this board for about a year. I almost bought another board at a big box (Dick's) store based on price but didn't. Then Customer Appreciation Week came along in my email. Day 1- free shipping on hard boards. I could not believe it. And a free board bag to boot. Both for $499. Pulled the trigger. I ordered the adjustable fiberglass paddle the next day for $99 w/ free shipping also. THEN Wednesday's special was $20 off any paddle! Damn! Oh well, $99 for this paddle is still a great deal. I received all 3 items the following week, after some confusion w/ Pilot Freight- you guys gave them an incorrect phone number. We straightened it out.

I love this board. The quality is evident in every aspect, from appearance to finish to feel to weight. Same with the paddle. Everything you describe on the website is true and accurate. I will be sure to tell anyone who asks about my board all about my experience buying from Tower. You folks are doing it right. Thanks.

Classic 10'6" Paddle Board

Review by: from on 8/30/2017
Everything went smoothly. I will purchase from them again.

classic paddle board

Review by: from on 7/12/2017
delivery to a long time poor communication with the carrier service. nice board although it was a few blemishes in the fiberglass not worth going through the hassle of returning it

Classic SUP

Review by: from on 6/9/2016
Best purchase our family has made all year!

Terrific service and the boards are great.

Excellent board

Review by: from on 3/23/2017
Very buoyant and light. Cuts through water well. Love it

Great Beginner Board

Review by: from on 3/12/2016
Best SUP for your buck. Disclaimer I am the product specialist for Tower SUP. I have helped design and test every board Tower makes. This design is our most stable for a board under 11ft. With a very wide design template and boxy thick rails and tail and nose area. This is the board to start on if you are under 250lb. I can take any board we make when teaching 1st time SUPers and this is the board I use to get them on the water paddling for the 1st time. Don't let the cheap price fool you. This is a quality board we choose to sell at a lower price so people can get into SUP...Enjoy the glide.

Great board

Review by: from on 5/22/2017
Great all around board for experts and beginners. Preforms excellent in calm and turbulent conditions. A lot of fun to ride small to medium sized waves.

Great Board

Review by: from on 7/20/2016
I bought this board to use for distance paddling and also for 3 foot wave surfing and I am not disappointed. This is a great board for the money and easy to maneuver. I am very happy with my purchase. Thank you.

Great board

Review by: from on 3/24/2017
This is my first non-inflatable board, I love how light it is, buoyancy and tracking are fantastic. Love it. And it arrived earlier than the stipulated two weeks!

Great Board

Review by: from on 7/8/2016
For the price, best SUP around!
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