D-Ring Attachment + Glue for iSUP

D-Ring Attachment + Glue for iSUP (ACC-INF-DRING)

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D-Ring attachment for Tower inflatable stand up paddle boards. Simply prepare the surface, then use the included glue to attach. Installation Instructions (Board can be inflated or deflated. Typically easier when inflates to 10+ PSI):1. Prep the...
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Good Addition to a Great Board

Review by: from on 8/15/2013
I appreciate they are not overpriced. Were easy to put on my paddle boards and add greatly to our cruising capabilities.

Good Product

Review by: from on 3/22/2017
I am happy with the product however,it did not come with any directions.

Had to go online to get application directions.

Good quality product

Review by: from on 9/19/2017
These were a great enhancement to my SUP and the online video was very helpful for installing them.

Great addition to the Adventurer

Review by: from on 9/20/2013
These are great, easy to install, I spread out 4 of them on the front. Now when I take out the Paddleboard, I can bring a collapsible cooler and bungee cord it down, I also have a 2 piece Kayak paddle and the standard 2 piece paddle from tower, which I can slide 1 under the cooler while using the other. I am even able to get both paddles under the cooler bungeed down while swimming, just have a leash attached to the front D ring that came with the adventurer. I wish I bought these when I bought the paddleboard. Lot of fun here at Lake Lanier in GA

Great company

Review by: from on 7/21/2017
I can only say good things about Tower their customer service is great I've ordered a lot of stuff from them and even had a warranty problem that they correct with out a problem. Great company and I will continue to do business with them.

Great Customer Service

Review by: from on 9/8/2014
Haven't received this yet, but will update once I do. Just had to do this because of their exceptional customer service. I didn't order these with the board, but after when I actually received my iSUP. So I sent them an email and they reduced the shipping charges b/c of my recent board purchase (~1 week before). Thanks a lot Tower SUPS!

Great D-Rings

Review by: from on 7/7/2016
They are easily attached and hold up very well!!!

The quality is top notch, same as the board!!

They look great on my iRace!!

great product

Review by: from on 6/14/2017
perfect to attach bungee cord onto the top of my inflatable SUP. I wish they came in grey or black but they will work just fine.

Great service

Review by: from on 6/14/2016
Everything was great

It works

Review by: from on 8/3/2017
The D ring works and was easy to install.

It's exactly what I need

Review by: from on 7/6/2016
I haven't put the part on yet but the explanation made ordering easy.

Mixed review

Review by: from on 8/2/2017
Ordered 4 D-Rings and the glue to attach to my iRace iSUP. When the package arrived the glue tube had been punctured during shipping and had leaked out into the plastic bag that it was in along with the D Rings. # of the D Rings were clean but the 4th had glue all over it. Took some time to try to get it cleaned off and usable. When gluing the Rings on the board it was a bit more difficult than I had hoped in getting them to seal all the way around as the glue takes a while to set up. Also had no extra glue after the leaky tube. Hopefully the D- Rings hold. A second tube of glue would be good for 4 or more D Rings.

Need new way to secure the fin on ISUP

Review by: from Flagstaff, AZ on 9/21/2018
The D-ring itself is great but the reason I bought it is not. We have to come up with a new system for when the iSUP comes unattached from the board and we lose it. We are going to somehow try to attach the D-ring near the fin and somehow clip the fin into the D-ring so when it becomes unattached from board, we don't lose it and have to buy another one. We bought the fin screws and they work but hard to get threaded, require tools, and take too much time. We have spent too much money on new fins, fin screws and D-rings. I hope we this is going to be the answer to losing fins.


Review by: from on 8/22/2013
I ordered (4) d-rings along with my adventurer package. The package arrived promptly. It only took a few minuted to glue the d-rings on. I had to place an upside-down cup on each d-ring, and added some weight on top of the cup to make sure they were completely adhered all the way around. Now that the glue is all cured, I have no problem attaching my precision pack for fishing!

pretty easy, make sure you watch the YouTube

Review by: from on 10/5/2016
Make sure you read all the instructions and watch the YouTube. Do that and it'll be simple. The biggest key is to let the glue set up don't get in a hurry it'll just make a mess.

Required for deck bungee set-up on iRace

Review by: from on 7/14/2017
Picked up 10 to put 6 on nose and 4 on tail. My iRace is going to be used as more of a recreational board inshore on the Gulf of Mexico.


Review by: from on 3/25/2016
Thanks to your well-coordinated team! You are best ! I hope that all of you have bought the same high class as the service! Good luck to you all!

Tower Products

Review by: from on 7/21/2017
All of my orders are quick and concise. The customer service is excellent- and Tower paddle boards are the best built boards for the money on the market today.


Review by: from on 11/15/2013
This attachment works fine after one time out, that's all I can speak to for now.

Works like a charm.

Review by: from on 3/24/2017
Works. Making my own bungee system on my board.
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