Inflatable SUP Pump

Air Pump for Inflatables SUP (ACC-INF-HDPUMP)

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Air Pump for Inflatables This portable, high-pressure air pump for inflatables is specifically designed to inflate stand up paddle boards. It has the ability to inflate up to 15 PSI, but most inflatable SUPs only take about 10-11 PSI. The...
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Adventurer 2

Review by: from on 9/6/2016
We caught the SUP bug during a recent trip to Austin, TX. After researching various options including iSUPs, we opted for 2 Adventurer 2 10'4" boards for the family (4 humans / 1 dog). The boards are perfect for what we were looking for - entry level, lake paddling, fitness. Planning on taking them out in the Gulf this weekend and can't wait. The attention to detail by the Tower team has been top notch. Very happy to be part of the family!

Adventurer SUP

Review by: from on 9/15/2016
First of all, the quality of the SUP is great - I've been using it for a couple of months. I'm really happy that I ordered it from Tower and not via Amazon, because Tower customer support has been outstanding: (a) due to foul-up in shipping dept, was missing paddle and pump from shipment; customer support made this right. (b) The pump pressure gauge didn't screw on at the correct angle, making it difficult to grip handle, and they sent me a new pump. (The pump is not manufactured by Tower.) I also like that you can get a person on the phone who can answer questions about the product - I had called Amazon when I was trying to decide who to order from and all they could do was to read the specs off of the web site.

Amazing Customer Service

Review by: from on 9/23/2016
I can say with satisfaction that this pump performs its job well, and while it takes working up a bit of sweat it gets the job done. Sadly, a few months after I had purchased it the pressure gauge blew off the socket it was screwed into. Afterwards it did not work the same. The gauge had become stripped and would no longer tightly seal against the pressure of the pump chamber. When I contacted Tower to request a new pressure gauge...several months after the fact, they immediately responded by offering me an entirely new pump free of charge and shipping. They even graciously handled a failed shipping incident where I had given them the incorrect address of my new residence, and then resent the same package free of charge.

Even though my first pump didn't last, the customer service was amazing enough that I will still rate this product as 5 stars.

Just don't over-tighten the pressure gauge when you install it and it will last.


Review by: from on 5/30/2012
I had been looking for a board for a long time that would suit my specific needs and at a price I can certainly afford. Tower has not only provided me with a board and an insane price but added great service and friendly staff who were willing to answer my questions. From this Canadian girl`s perspective, Tower is an outstanding company because it provides people with what they are looking for in a paddle board and they take care of their customers. I will always sing praises of this or any other company that does it`s job and looks after it`s customers. Continued success to all members of the Tower team.

All the best,


Bigger than expected but nice for the price

Review by: from on 7/29/2013
The pump seems like it will last if you don't abuse it. Says "BRAVO" I-SUP pump on the side. -made in China- It does have instructions on the side that mention oiling and cleaning the air filter at the top. It may take a bit of practice to get it to stay attached to the board at first.

Capable hand pump

Review by: from on 8/5/2013
Nice volume, can't wait for an electric version for my car

Customer Service

Review by: from on 8/29/2016
I have always loved my Tower Paddle Board. I use it mainly for the rivers around my home, it does well there and the rocky river is no match for how tough it is.

Recently my pump just stopped working, nothing I tried would fix it. I notified Tower and within a week I had a brand new pump at no charge to me. My board was well over a year old at that point. Great product and great customer service.


Review by: from on 8/31/2016
Did not anticipate it would be as hard for my wife to get her board up to pressure as it is. She is already looking for electric/battery type replacement.

Does the job so far but....

Review by: from on 8/26/2016
It takes 420 full pumps to inflate the 14' model so be prepared for a workout. The last 20-25 get the inflation up to 12 psi which is hard as a rock but you better be large and strong like me.

Electric pump vs hand pump

Review by: from on 4/26/2017
I ordered both the hand pump and the electrical pump. I figured it's good to have the hand pump in the event the car is not nearby The hand pump works surprisingly well. It is relatively smooth. Honestly, I think I can pump it up faster with the hand pump. However, it does require some strength towards the end when the pressure gets up there. Since my wife and I go together, I don't think I would want to have to hand pump two of them . . . It would probably sap a little bit of strength I'd rather use for paddle boarding. The electrical pump is nice and easy to use. Just plug it in, set it, and forget it. It stops when it hits the psi you set it at. It is a two stage pump . . . So it will suddenly make a louder noise when it hits the second's normal. The only downside to the electrical pump is that it is a bit pricey.

Excellent Customer Service

Review by: from on 8/15/2017
Between ordering the new board, pump and leash, Tower has been outstanding.

Five Minute Workout

Review by: from on 8/28/2017
It really does not take long to pump the board all the way. The only issue I have is with the plastic hose it is so ridged its hard from either spinning one connection or the other. Even so it does the job quick. I should mention it does gets harder to pump as you get close to the last few lbs of psi.

Five stars for the company and customer service!

Review by: from Phoenix, AZ on 7/31/2020
The pump itself isn't spectacular, but it's still a good value at the price. The two weaknesses that I've experienced with this pump are the hose connection to the board, it can be a bit leaky, and the umbrella valves built into the pump are prone to unseating. Let me explain the valves. There are two, simple one-way rubber valves to prevent blow back as the pressure builds in the inflatable, one is easily accessible under the pressure gauge directly behind where the hose connects, but the other is fairly inaccessible and located inside of the bottom of the pump piston. If they fail, you are likely to find them wedged somewhere inside of the hose. The top valve is fairly easy to reinstall, but due to its location and construction of the pump, the bottom valve would be challenging if not impossible to replace. The pump will work with only the top valve in place, but be aware that if both valves fail, and when the inflatable is reaching pressure, that there will be substantial blow back of the pump handle on the backstroke. All of that being said, the customer service at Tower is top-notch. I recently ordered one of these pumps, had a problem with the hose, and was immediately issued a replacement at no cost. Thanks, Tower, keep up the good work!

Gets the job done

Review by: from on 8/1/2017
It gets the SUP inflated quickly. Once you get past 10PSI it gets very hard to pump. There is no chance of over inflating with this pump. It may be difficult for a small person to put more than 12PSI in with this, putting my full 170lb on the down stroke got me just under 15PSI

Good pump

Review by: from on 5/17/2016
Just as I would suspect, this pump works great.

Good, I guess

Review by: from on 6/4/2012
This is my first experience with inflatable SUPs and SUP pumps. The pump appears to be made well and does the job. It is very difficult to get the last couple of PSI into the board, but I believe that is very common.


Review by: from on 10/20/2017
The pump is easy to use and works great


Review by: from on 10/26/2012
Great so far. The last few pounds is very hard. Only be better if it were electric.

Great Board

Review by: from on 3/13/2013
Just got it. Awesome board. Would only liked if it had brought a bag. Paddle supper light.

Great Board, great price, less stable

Review by: from on 9/3/2012
I am very happy with this board. It is great to take to small lakes or put in the boat and not have to worry about sraping anything down. It was able to support my wife, my dog, and myself without a problem(~300 lbs).
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