Stand up paddle surfing is my primary concern

SUP Surfboard Recommendations

Finding a SUP surfboard doesn’t have to be difficult, even if you aren’t sure where to start. SUP surfboards are primarily used for surfing small to medium waves, and the best stand-up paddle board for surfing will be one that’s durable enough to stand up to whatever the elements can dish out. We recommend wood paddle boards for surfing, as they’re very sturdy while still being light and maneuverable. Check out our recommendations for the best paddle boards for surfing, then shop our consumer-direct deals online or in our San Diego store.

Fit: Striking 9-Foot-10 Wood Paddle Board

The shape of our classic wood paddle board is shorter, thicker, and wider than most hard-board paddle boards on the market. This makes it more portable. There’s no need for a 12-foot board if you are a 200-plus-pound rider: Our 9-foot-10 wood SUP is 5.5 inches thick and 32 inches wide, which gives it the stability of a 12-foot paddle board in a less-than-10-foot package. This makes it the best SUP for surfing and for paddling, as it’s got plenty of flotation for flat water but also has a great maneuverable shape for the waves. There’s an ample rocker built into the front, so paddle surfing in even 5-to-6-foot waves is no problem for this board.

The beauty of this classic wood paddle board is unmatched, and it’s also an extremely durable hard SUP, with sandwich construction of wood veneer as well as front and rear solid tail blocks. It’s by far the best stand-up paddle board for surfing.. 


Social: Beautiful 11-Foot-5 Wood Paddle Board

Our 9-foot-10 Fit SUP surfboards were so popular that we created a similar but longer version that would be able to accommodate larger riders (up to 270 pounds) who wanted a great crossover paddle board that they could use to ride the waves or just paddle around in flat water. The taller and larger you are, the more of a disadvantage you are at on a stand-up paddle board, but with more than 235 liters of volume, this board is one of the best paddle boards for surfing for big and tall riders. 

This wooden SUP for bigger riders is as beautiful as it is functional, with front and rear solid tail blocks and a sturdy wood veneer sandwich construction.

Shop our direct-to-consumer paddle boards today to get a great value on the best SUP for surfing. You’ll soon see why Tower Paddle Boards is the top name in SUPs.