Tower S-Class – Starter Series

Expected to ship in early July 2022

If you need something sooner, all iSUPs in our Premium Series ships immediately. If you want an S-Class this year, we recommend you pre-buy as we have a limited quantity on order so we may stock out. 

Our S-Class Starter Series uses “Fusion “construction. While it’s not the same double layer, hand glued construction Tower Paddle Boards is famous for over the founding decade of our existence (see our Tower Premium Series for these, and our X-Class Elite Series for carbon fiber stringer "Enhanced Double Layer" construction), we believe it’s time for Tower to introduce an even more economical board into the market as a “Starter board”. It’s also lighter construction, which is some consolation even if the durability and rigidity are not on par with traditional Tower double layer construction boards. While it’s more economical (and lighter), it’s not a low quality board, like the single layer iSUPs flooding the market.