How do I choose between a long board and a short board?

Your choice of board will ultimately depend on how you will use your board and your riding style. Here we’ll break it down by board, the best use for them and typical riding style.

Boardwalk Cruiser:

Called the boardwalk cruiser for a reason - this one is your best bet for coasting and cruising. This longboard is in its element doing long, drawn out turns. This isn’t just a flat ground board though, of our 3 models the boardwalk cruiser is the best for downhill riding. Depending on how you like to ride just fiddle with the trucks, this board will perform well whether you want it tight for downhill or loosey-goosey for weaving and pumping along the street.

Where to ride: Flat ground or downhill

Mini Cruiser:

The trucks on this short board come loose as standard. This board is designed to give riders a place to surf when the waves are flat. It’s multi axis front trucks allow you to throw surf-style turns on the flats or in a bowl. If you take it on the flats one push will be enough, you can pump the rest of the way (even uphill) with the snappy front trucks. This is a different, more intense ride than the boardwalk cruiser but super fun when the waves are taking a day off.

The Mini-Cruiser trucks are quite loose to drive the board in tight turns. Downhill riding is not the Mini-Cruiser’s forte but it can definitely hold its own, the trucks allow you to do tight turns and speed check when needed. We suggest leaving steep hills to experienced riders as beginners who are not used to trucks this loose may experience the worst thing imaginable - speed wobble.

Where to ride: Flat ground or in a bowl

Pool Board:

We designed this short board with the street skater in mind. The twin tips make this our only board specifically designed for tricks.

Where to ride: Skatepark, bowl or flat ground

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