How do I inflate
an inflatable SUP board?

Your Tower inflatable SUP features an H3, high-pressure inflation valve. Make sure the H3 inflation valve stem is closed (stem up). To close it, you have to push it with your thumb, twist, and let the spring push it up. When the valve stem is up, it's a one way valve - air can be pumped in thru the valve, but it can't escape.
Attach the inflation meter to the "inflate" side of the pump, then attach the pump hose to the inflation meter. The inflation is "in-line", so you can read the inflation level as you pump. Attach the free end of the pump hose to the H3 valve on the board and twist until it locks into place.

Pump up the board until it reaches 10-11 PSI. It will be easy to pump at first and nothing will register on the inflation valve until the board is pretty stiff. Then it gets a little harder to pump and you'll see the PSI meter start to register. The last 30-40 pumps are pretty difficult and the pump handle is fairly uncomfortable as it has grooves. If it bothers your hands, we recommend you wrap the handle with athletic tape or something to make it more comfortable. Smaller women or children may require help to inflate the board. Two people can work the pump at one time, if needed.

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