What PSI do I inflate
my inflatable SUP board to?

All of our inflatable boards are intended to be blown up to 10-15 PSI (max tested PSI 25). You'll find on the boards the last 30-40 pumps will be fairly difficult, but it's worthwhile to get it to full inflation. Please note, the gauge that comes with our pump will not register the PSI until the board is at 10 PSI. Don't worry--there's no way to over-inflate or damage your board with this pump--so keep pumping until you get a read on your gauge!

One note on the inflatable SUP boards is that they hold air perpetually, so around our shop we only "deflate" when we need to transport them in small spaces. You can just leave them inflated. One of the primary benefits of the inflatable over the hard board is that it's almost impossible to damage, so many users even transport it blown up completely. This way it's not necessary to inflate and deflate after each use, which takes a bit of work.

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