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In addition to being a lot of fun, stand up paddle boarding is all about pursuing an adventurous, active lifestyle. To some, the fitness byproduct of stand up paddle boarding and SUP surfing is just icing on the cake, but to others this phenomenal core workout a paddling session involves is one of the main reasons they go out on the water on a frequent basis. Until you’ve tried SUP, it’s hard to understand the full body workout that is involved while stand up paddle boarding. Just standing on the board is a workout for your legs and butt as your muscles are constantly adjusting to counterbalance the movement of the board and the water beneath it. Start paddling and you core body and upper arms start getting a workout. You can paddle faster to intensify the workout, or paddle slow and steady over a long run to get a surprisingly effortless workout. It’s the most fun you’ll have exercising, and its low-impact unlike jogging so it won’t beat up your joints.

The fitness industry is starting to clue into the physical fitness benefits of stand up paddle boarding and thus a number of companies are popping up offering various forms of SUP fitness including: SUP yoga, SUP Pilates, SUP cross training, SUP boot camps, and just general SUP fitness classes. We’ve listed some of these fitness companies below.

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SUP Fitness Companies


NRG Lifestyle Fitness Training - Nikki Gregg offers SUP boot camps (both group and private) in Hawaii.

SUP Fit - Hawaiian-based Paddle fitness classes for body toning and cardiovascular health.

Suzie Trains Maui - Fitness instructor, model, and Naish team rider Suzie Cooney trains women with SUP regimes in Maui, Hawaii.


SUP Trainer - SoCal-based personal trainer Jon Ham offers SUP training instruction and an eBook training guide.