Is there a risk that my SUP paddle will snap?

It is possible for any paddle to snap, but it's not common for paddles from reputable companies. The low-end aluminum adjustable paddles are notorious for this, so we recommend they only be used as travelers, not as an everyday paddle. Also, some of the off-brand, package deal carbon-fiber paddles are notorious for snapping. I had one snap the second day I used it, right at the joint between the blade and the shaft. It was just overall a bad joint design.

On our Tower Ultra-light carbon fiber paddles , we've only seen one snap ever and it was abused pretty bad for about a year in our demo fleet before it did. We don't have any record of our carbon kevlar paddles snapping as they are a tougher material than 100% carbon fiber. On the low-end, the inexpensive aluminum paddles we carry have been known to crease at times.

The take away here is that it's smart to invest a little money in a decent paddle, for both performance and safety concerns. You never really want to have a paddle snap when you're out paddling by yourself.

A YouTube video we found entitled, "Starboard paddle snaps on a small day at Puamana Beach Park."

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