Surfing Resources: Grab Your Boards!

If you ask what surfing was is to a "real surfer", you might hear it's a connection between the ocean and the surfer one that is powerful and addicting. Put much more simply, surfing is a popular water sport where the surfer rides a surfboard while standing up on the crest of a wave to the shore. It is one of the oldest sports that originated in Western Polynesia.

You can surf anywhere there is wave, but certain beaches provide the best surfing experiences. Some of the most popular places to surf are:

  • Fuerteventura, Spain- The beaches here have invigorating waves and great reef and point breaks.
  • Mentawai Islands, Indonesia- The water here is manageable for all surfers.
  • California, North America- The summer months are excellent for Surf City, U.S.A. The many beaches in California have consistent high quality waves.
  • Hawaii- Hawaii is a significant area in the history of surfing.
  • Gold Coast, Australia- Over 70km of beaches and four great point breaks.

Surfing 101

These beaches have received reviews for being wave rich and having low winds. There is more to surfing than just a surfboard and waves. Surfing is a science and requires understanding the ocean and how waves work. Having the right equipment and safety knowledge is key to having the best surfing experience.

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