Tower SUPs -vs- The Competition

We only sell direct. No retailers, nor distributors, no commissioned sales people. We're the brand, the importer, the super efficient storefront, and the marketing arm all rolled up into one. We handpick the best manufacturers from around the world, and in some cases we manufacture Tower branded products ourselves. We reach over 50,000 shoppers on our website each month before we even spend a dime on advertising, so our marketing costs are minimal. We're young and hungry, so our overhead costs are kept to a minimum. We pass all this savings on to you. The result is you save a ton on some of the finest paddle boards, iSUPs, and paddles on the market.

Manufacturer Direct Paddle Boards

Don't just take our word for it. Ask our customers!

Our business grows primarily on the word of mouth of our happy customers. In addition to being priced as one of the best values on the market, our inflatable paddle boards are among the best rated and most popular stand up paddle boards worldwide. Check out the number and quality of our reviews on Amazon, as well as on our own site. If you shop and compare our hard boards, you find that we truly offer high-end boards at almost unbelievable prices. Same story with our paddles. We provide value on quality.

Beware of the "package deal" hard board companies

Just because our prices are great, don't confuse Tower's hard boards with the commodity "package deal" boards on the market. Tower is kind of the "Anti" package deal brand! We produce, import, and direct-to-consumer sell some of the most high-end boards on the market. We just skip the traditional 3-tier distribution channel and thus offer you much better value. Our manufacturer direct price on these boards surprise a lot of people.

We get the question, "Do you have a package deal," a lot on the phone from newbies to the sport because our board price points are in the same ballpark as the "package deals" (humorously, we're better priced a lot of times). That's where the comparison ends, however. Go beyond a superficial look and you'll soon discover that, aside from price, our boards are much closer to high-end performance SUPs. The shape is highly considered, every attention is put into style and design, and there is a full complement of high-end board features - carbon fiber, high-end traction pads, futures fins boxes, clear-coat sanded finishes, etc. We just happen to only sell direct (we're kind of the Dell of the SUP market), so the price is 30%-50% less than comparable boards you'd buy thru retail (or anything that goes thru and is priced for the traditional 3 tier distribution channel).

Quite the contrary, the "package deal" board companies sell thru regular retail channels and some even sell direct at the same price (and in process, often times, earn the ire of their retail partners), and they simply achieve a low price point by pumping out really cheaply made and cheaply considered boards by cutting any corner they can to get the price down, even silly stuff. Quality, style, considered design, high-end features are not on the radar in the "package deal" companies... only price. It's a short-sighted business model, as are their products. Don't fall prey. You've been warned!

For example, take our 10'6" Tower Fit Carbon Cross-Link SUP
It's twice as good, at half the price!

Twice as Good...

- Lighter, yet better floatation - Shorter, wider, thicker = more foam volume (the light part) and less surface area (the heavy part)

- Shorter, yet more stable - Width = Stability. SUP companies missed this while they were all copying the first boards on the market, which were 11' to 12' long and only 30" wide or less.

- Sexier, yet more classic - Stylish, classic, triple-stringer surfboard looks on our classic model, and a beautiful weave on our carbon cross-link line. Not 1980s “windsurferish” flashy.

- Maintains beauty with use - Transparent exterior wears (dents & dings) like a surfboard. On our cross-link boards, we paint directly on the foam and glass over, so our paint doesn't quickly chip like cheaply made epoxy painted boards will.

More comfortable - Comfy high-end diamond grooved deck pads. Not cheapest, crappy pad manufacturer offers.

Tracks better - Double concave bottom to aid fins with tracking. Not flat bottom because it’s cheaper to manufacturer.

Surfs better - Ample rocker and boxy, rounded outline reminiscent of a long board outline. Not an outline resembling a canoe ;)

... half the Price
We cut out the middleman & you pay roughly what a retailer (REI, the local kayak or surf shop, or Costco even) pays for a comparable SUP. You're basically buying wholesale in single units.

The best priced "quality" paddle board on the market

Our Classic 10'6" SUP stacks up very well against the competition, and at $499 it's the best value proposition on the market by a wide margin. By competition, we’re referring to economy priced, all around SUP boards. These are the boards that will run you $1200 in a retail store and have brand names with a good history. We're not talking about the crappy "package deal" companies. We don't pretend our Classic board is the best board on the market, but we do make a strong case that it is the best value you will find anywhere on a decent SUP.

Tower Classic SUP

As a market leader, Tower inflatable paddle boards ("iSUPs") are reknowned worldwide. We offer some of the best and most widely reviewed inflatable paddle boards you can find. They're also priced at up to $500 off comparable quality retail equivalents.

If you want to go up market, our stunning carbon cross-link line of stand up paddle boards offer industry leading design, the latest cutting edge materials, and seasoned craftsmanship. Thanks to our manufacturer direct business model, you get all of this for a price that's $1000 less than retail.

Shopping for an All-Around Economy SUP

The Big Five - Important attributes to consider when selecting a basic stand up paddle board.

By far the most critical attributes to consider when SUP shopping are floatation (volume), board weight, stability, style, and price. Because it's easy to quantity and differentiate, uninformed SUP newbies typically zoom in on board length alone and they come to the conclusion that they need to get an 11'-12' board and all will be well. In truth, board length should not even be a primary consideration. Here's what is important:

- Floatation (Volume) - Our 10'6" Tower Classic has 202 liters of volume, more than many 11-12' boards from the competition. Our Adventurer iSUPs have massive volume. They can support a 350 lb rider no problem.

- Board Weight - Our 10'6" Tower Classic is 28 lbs including the deck pad and fins. Our iSUPs are even lighter. Don't be surprised to find other all-around boards that quote 30 lbs as their weight, yet are really 35 lbs plus.

- Stability - This is a factor of width and floatation. Our 10'6" Tower Classic is a wide, stable board at 31.5" wide and the board stays wide throughout the length added to the stability of the board.

- Style - We're a style driven company. We didn't set out to make the best priced paddle boards on the market, that just sort of happened because of our direct to consumer business model. We did set out to make the most stylish boards. Our 10'6" Tower Classic has classic triple-stringer surfboard looks, which has proven popular for over 50 years. Our 10'6" Tower Fit Carbon Cross-Link board is a light blue stunner not to be missed.

- Price - We're direct to market so you save 30% to 50% off retail. Tower represents the best value on the market. We're designed that way. Our 10'6" Tower Classic is only $499.

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